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    Todd A Clippinger March, 2010 This month, for our LJ eMag, we meet with Todd A Clippinger and learn a bit about his woodworking journey. 1. How did you find LumberJocks and what was the key feature of the site that kept you coming back? Not long after I bought my computer I was talking with...
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    SNOW! So this is what Todd meant! Pics by BARB. Barb was all excited this morning, when she saw our first snow . So she went out with her little camera. Enjoy! Some of this mornings beauty. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The snow tried to extinguish this Flaming...
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    Come, and Celebrate Our 56th Wedding Anniversary We invite our Lumberjock Family to share this "Special Day" with us. Lumberjocks Forever, Dick & Barb PS: Check out the Anniversary Carving. Notice: The new Forest Green Lumberjock T's
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    A Big Thank You from Barb
1-4 of 4 Results