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  1. Pain In The Arse Customer

    Here is a job we worked on for about 3 months. It should have taken 2 but these people were horrible. Everything I did was questioned! I made the mistake of leaving a latter and a 1000 watt lamp on the job and he actually told me he crawled up on the ladder with the light and looked over every...
  2. Custom Bar

    This bar was built for my apartment, but now it is just to big to keep. It is in great shape with a minor router mistake. I am looking to sell this piece so if anyone is interested plese let me know. There is a shelf in the back for any storage, and there is also a wine glass holder of 4 glasses.
  3. Counter Stools

    The wife requested a pair of "Counter Stools" for our kitchen. She found a couple of pictures online that she like so I got busy. I used Southern Yellow Pine cut from 2×12x12's from a local lumber yard. Their quality was so much better than from the Orange or Blue Boxes. Nice tight, straight...
  4. Redgum bar

    This Redgum bar won first prize ($1000) at the Millicent South Australian Tall Timbers competition 2005. and then was sold for $1500 even better was that be buyer came back and spent another $3800 . Since that win I have been lucky winning it twice more this year 2007
  5. Bar Reclaimed Pine

    This is not as exiting as the bookcase but I really love the look of the reclaimed old Pine and hemlock. Bar rail was made in shop out of oak. All solid beams on corners and ends of the bar and back upper section also, they have so much character on their own. Had to come up with a concealed...
  6. Bar / Wine Rack / Entertainment Center

    BUILT BY MY UNCLE This is in my fathers house. Everything pretty much speaks for it's self. The counter top is Avonite solid surface. The TV shelf pulls out and turns from side to side. The grain matches on the drawer faces, and the base.
  7. Home Bar

    I built a bar on the second floor of my work shop. It features a swinging "saloon door" on the left, a foot rail on the front and right side, and a dorm-size refrigerator built into the back. Now working in my shop is even more enjoyable since I have such a great place to take a break and...
  8. Glass holder/bar wall hanging

    This was an idea my wife had for a Birthday gift for my daughter in-law. Just a fun thing to hang in their "bar" area. Made from Oak and Ash and I cut the words from 1/8" baltic birch plywood. finished with spray acrylic.
  9. Rocky mountain Rustics, "RMR Patio Furniture"

    The TallBoy chairs were my first create, design, built and sold item after officially opening my full service custom woodworking and cabinet shop back in Cheyenne WY 2009. Rock solid chairs made using beetle kill pine that was rough cut for me from a mill in Wheatland WY. The legs were 2"x2 1/2...
  10. Commercial Bar with wall panels

    This is a project I completed a few years ago. For some unknown reason, the completed pictures with the top and mirrors installed, have gone AWOL. This is in a development in Lexington, MI. Edit/Update: Was at this development, building some restaurant table tops and took some photos of the...
  11. rustic bar

    My daughters friend saw the bar I completed for her wedding and asked me to make her one for her restaurant she was opening. so this is the check out counter I made for her. the top is pine 2×12 and the sides are cypress. thanks for looking.
  12. Wet bar

    This is the project that started it all. This bar took me a year to build. I built it in my advanced woodworking class my senior year in high school back in '04. I wish i can say i designed it but i purchased plans online. I knew from then on i wanted to pursue woodworking. It is...
  13. Bar anyone?

    We had a custom house built about 3 years ago and had this space close to the kitchen that was just screaming for a BAR. Looked like a great project for me but the bar would be attached as an extension to the kitchen cabinets. Had to match the stain and make it look like it belonged. Was able to...
  14. Playing dress-up with a bar...

    My parents moved into a new house about 18 months ago and in the basement was an unfinished bar, roughed out with pine. So, I got to put "clothes" on it! The top is Walnut ply because I quickly realized that I didn't have the shop, or the tools, for a solid glue-up that big. The front is solid...
  15. Irish Pub attached to my workshop

    It is only 1/2 done. A work in progress
  16. Black Walnut Home Bar

    This bar was a cooperative effort between myself and a buddy for his basement den. He brought me a big walnut log to cut up on my sawmill. Everything was kiln-dried and then the preparation began. He had the bar top sanded in a wide belt sander and then began cleaning the natural edges. I took...
  17. Basement Bar

    Here's a basement bar I did for a friend's relatives a few years ago. Basic design by the homeowner, refined a bit by me to make it buildable. :-) Cherry veneer dyed with aniline dye. Note: the color of dyed cherry can change dramatically under different types of light. Due to the small size of...
  18. Custom Oak Bar

    Great Customers!
  19. A cellarette for my sister

    This is a cellarette I made to give my sister for her wedding. The design is from a book of Arts & Crafts style furniture. It is the first piece of "nice" furniture I've attempted (meaning, the first thing other than outdoor furniture, garage cabinets, wall trim, etc). It is made of red oak...
  20. Basement Sewing Area with a Cold Bar

    I did this for the same client as the entertainment center / bookshelves and did it at the same time. It was a really big project for me and they are very happy with the end product. It is made of Birch plywood and poplar solid wood. The countertop is just a standard square edge laminate piece...
1-20 of 282 Results