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  1. Maple, black walnut and madrone burl bracelets

    Here is a recent project that I have done. been making these burl wood bracelets I use a band saw to cut them out. I use a orbital sander to sand interior of wood and drum sander to do outer edge. Next i use high speed pollishing wheel to finish the job. make them out of maple, madrone, and...
  2. I Love Bangles

    I love bangles! Can you tell? Actually, I love exotic wood. Every time I get a new exotic wood, I make a new bangle! These are from Rosewood, Padauk, Brazilian Cherry, Wenge, Canary, Bloodwood, Sapele Mahogany, Walnut, Leopard Wood, Bubinga, Spalted Maple, and even barnwood!
  3. solid wood Bangles

    the rings went so well,i thought i'd try bangles as a quick experiment, these were 1 piece solid oak. i also have a 3-layerd one gluing up now i'll turn will be matching sets. maybe earrings/pendants after that. these took a bit longer than the rings. Definitely longer than they...
1-3 of 3 Results