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  1. bangle bracelet

    I was inspired by a bangle bracelet I saw in a magazine that a woman was wearing and I said to my self one of those can't be that hard to make. Mine did turn out different than the picture I saw but my compound cut pattern I made for this bracelet was a real easy cut for me . I had to use a band...
  2. Genuine Nevada Sagebrush Casting - Pens, Rings, even Bangles

    Locally Sourced Random Materials Because I am a local Nevadan and a woodworker, I have wanted to create a product that embodies Nevada for some time. Taking it one step further, my goal was to utilize something that is so blatantly ubiquitous that it smacks you in the face, but I wanted it...
  3. Bangle Bracelet - Exotic Amboyna Burl Two Tone over Stainless Steel

    I've recently sold a handful of select custom made bracelets to an internet company - this one was part of the batch for them to review. Hopefully they like what they see. Size 8
1-3 of 3 Results