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  1. The Lady

    A work entitled "The Lady". A single drawer, bandsawn box. The timber is Australian Red Cedar. Finished in pure Tung Oil, fine sanded to 1500 wet & dry. Fun to make. Tony Ward
  2. Heartbox, a bandsawn box

    Hi A two drawer bandsawn box, using Australian Red Cedar. Inspired by a Federal era Heartback chair, as displayed in April 2011 edition of Fine WoodWorking magazine, No. 218 (rear cover page) It was fun to make! Tony Ward
  3. Manzanita Burl Box

    This is another older project from last year (I am still getting caught up with the posting). I bought the Manzanita burl at a lumber store which specializes in hardwoods and exotic stuff. I bandsawed the sides and bottom square, cut the top off, and simply drilled out the inside with a...
  4. Bandsawn four drawer box from Australia

    Hi It is Australian Red Cedar, measures 20cm square and 11cm deep. Three of the four drawers contain hidden/secret compartments. . . . Image of Top Left Drawer 1st Image….... Drawer open. 2nd Image….... Rear of...
  5. Moana Necklace

    This necklace is from the Disney movie Moana. It is made from pine and constructed using the bandsawn box technique, though I used my jigsaw to do the cutting. The top, bottom, and middle sections of the box were glued back together before carving. After carving the rough shape, the two...
  6. A Round Concept

    Hi This is a concept box, it is 25cm in the round; 29cm high; 7cm depth, of Australian Red Cedar, finished in Tung Oil. Your thoughts are most welcomed,
  7. Bandsawn clock case

    Hi about to finish this bandsawn box, a gift to help celebrate our daughter's 40th birthday timber is Australian Red Cedar, with perspex glass, the lift off is secured to the base with magnets, the clock is an 8 day Hermle skeleton, the wind up key is attached to the underside of the base with...
  8. Blue Tongue, a bandsawn box.

    Hi It seems that a 1,001 days membership of Lumberjocks is reason to note, so here is a recently completed bandsawn box. It is a replica of the so called Australian Blue Tongue Lizzard, it is not really a lizzard! The timber is Australian Red Cedar. Tony Ward
  9. Not Just Any Box ~ Ant Farm

    Ant Farm A three drawer bandsawn box with five storage compartments. ~ W.I.P. report (1) The Block. Timber: Australian Red Cedar ~ part of a stump containing burl and with a variable moisture content. Preparation: The above image depicts the pencil drawing on block to define...
  10. 4 be 2 Entry ~ Ant Farm - Mini Me.

    Hi Here is my entry for the 4 be 2 competition - Mini Me (the Ant Farm) ~ enjoy Good Health Tony Ward
  11. Bandsawn Box

    This is my first bandsawn box and I'm pretty please with how it turned out. It is made from some African Mahogany I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago. (pretty cheap I might add!) It's stained with some Minwax stain (I forgot which one, to be honest) and it's finished with MW Semi gloss...
  12. Red Ox Heart, a bandsawn box

    Hi Some time since I've completed a bandsawn box, owing to the relocation of the family home and setting up the workshop. This work, entitled Red Ox Heart, scuplted from a single block of Australian Red Cedar (root stock). Approximate dimensions of the completed box ~ H: 250mm. D: 210. W...
  13. Three Silos

    Hi Images of a recently completed bandsawn box called ~ Three Silos. Australian Red Cedar, it is 14cm tall.
  14. Joinery
    Licence to take me to the cleaners for this question, but is using ebony for greene and greene joinery plugs completely necessary? It seems to me that'd it'd be less anxiety and less money to use other materials in its stead, i.e. ebony stained wood, composite (black epicurean cutting board...
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I really thought this was great.
  16. Focus on the Workspace
    I know this has been asked several times before on here, and I've read all the material I can find on it. But i'm just looking for people's opinions on my situation. Basement is where I have most of my tools right now. It's usable dimensions are 22.5 X 30 feet (675 sqft). Pluses are that it's...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi , " New 1.5H.P. 120v 1725rpm Equal to 3250rpm 3 H.P." Quoted from a craigslist posting today for a Delta Unisaw. 1) Is this possible ? 2) why would we want a table saw blade to turn this slowly ? thank you : )
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I would like to fit my shopvac with a plastic bag liner. Without some type of device to hold the bag against the inside of the shopvac I find the bag everntually sucks up around the filter and suction stops. Any ideas for a simple device which I could remove, then remove the bag, put in...
1-18 of 18 Results