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  1. Bandsaw Boxes

    I made these bandsaw boxes as Christmas gifts for my family. I drew the designs myself and below is a link to a PDF of the drawings if anyone is interested in trying these. They are designed to be cut from 5.5" wide lumber and the radius of the curves can be cut using a 1/4" blade. I glued up...
  2. Puzzling Bandsaw Box

    One of my first, more complex, band-saw boxes. Had fun making it, the more you do the more you get comfortable with the band-saw radius cutting. These boxes can be very forgiving also. If you miss a cut or something comes out different than what you envisioned just go with it. As usual my...
  3. Bandsaw Box Quartet

    Here are a Quartet of bandsaw boxes… designed by Lois Ventura… Minnow… from memory… 3 in Tasmanian Blackwood and one in New Guinea Rosewood… the flocking is royal blue… All ordered from one person.. with another Lazy Larry.[She has ordered quite a lot from me].The small [ stubbie…13 oz] bottle...
  4. Christmas Boxes 2009

    Bandsaw jewelry boxes and valet boxes I made for Christmas 2009. All black walnut with a poly finish.
  5. Band saw boxes

    The large two drawer box was for my wife, the four smaller for mom, mom inlaw, grandma and sister. The smallest box was for my neice. All from black walnut with 6 coats of minwax poly. This was my first go with bandsaw boxes in boy was it an education.
  6. More Bandsaw Boxes for Christmas

    I know there's probably too many for one pic but here they are. Some of these boxes are my designs, some come from those I've seen online just from drawing them out on paper. The one in the back row, middle, is Carmichael Design and came from his own pattern download (I changed it up a little)...
  7. Bandsaw Boxes

    5 out of 6 are from Lois Ventura's book. The # 8 is for a friend who is celebrating her 8th anniversary at her store. I want to thank Randy/Blackie, for the Spalted Hackberry he sent me a while ago. I appreciate the blocks, and finally got something done out of another one.. lol the other five...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    Has anyone had any experience with using coffee filters to strain lacquer and sanding sealer to shoot in an HVLP gun? It seems that mesh cone filters have gotten expensive since I last bought some! Thank you in advance!
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am new to band sawing and I'm interested in the wen 10 inch model 3962 bandsaw. I'm going to use it to cut an inch-and-a-half signs for the most part but I would like to try my hand on some 6 inch bandsaw boxes. I'm not sure if a 3 1/2 amp motor has enough power to make such bandsaw boxes.
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi Everyone I'm looking for a blade for my 10 inch 2 speed bandsaw. The material I'm cutting is a combination of oak, maple, and tiger wood. I'm making a jewelry box(bandsaw box) from this. The total cutting thickness with all boards glued together is just over 6 inches. ( attachment of pic of...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have never made a bandsaw box before. I see all these boxes and it has got me intrigued to do one myself. First off what would be a good blade to use for the tight turns and still leave a realitively nice cut without much sanding. Then after the cut how do you hide the entry point, or do...
  12. Blogs
    Push Block/Hand Plane/Saw - Handles Hey guys. Just fooling around tonight with my new drawing tablet. (FIRST PICTURE) I drew a proportioned handle template for a hand plane (Stanley). It is not to scale though. You can scale it, print it out, and see what size works best for you. I made...
  13. Finishing
    Just finished a project and have all the parts ready for assemble. I found out one of my panels out of 1/8th birch ply warped a little. It has 3 coats of poly on it and would be glued to an untreated surface. Can I use titebond II on this to hold it down? Will titebond work on a polyurethane...
1-13 of 13 Results