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  1. Bentwood Inlay Rings

    Here are some more bentwood rings I made recently, featuring inlays. The first is Walnut with crushed turquoise, the second and third are Maple-lined Walnut with Maple inlay.
  2. Bentwood Rings

    Here are some recent rings, done in the bentwood style. 1: Ziricote ring (wide) with thin offset crushed turquoise inlay 2: Osage Orange 3: Maple with wide centered Ziricote inlay 4: Beech 5: Ziricote with Grey Maple lining 6: Lignum Vitae with Bethlehem Olive lining (matte finish)
  3. More Bentwood Rings

    #1: Santos Rosewood with "X" Maple Inlay (Inlay work done, appropriately, with X-Acto knife :) ) #2: Ancient Kauri (Wood that has been preserved for quite a while in a peat bog on New Zealand's North Island.) #3: Pecan #4: Madrone with Oak Inlay (Wedding Pair) #5: Wenge (Wedding Pair) #6...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Today as I was finishing a job. I fired up the dust collector, plugged in the sander, and started finish sanding….. Only problem: durning the one hour of sanding I never realized that I never plugged in the dust collector hose to the orbital sander….:(
1-4 of 4 Results