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  1. Lazy Susan with Inlay

    I had wanted to try my hand at doing simple inlay, and had a few pieces of 4/4 walnut lying around that I thought would be a good candidate for the experiment. Also, we had a need for a place to put serving dishes, hot things, and salt & pepper sets, etc, on the kitchen table I finished this...
  2. Plywood Ring Made From Subflooring

    I have a bunch of scraps left over from my rocking bench project, and I decided to make a ring out of it. This stuff is on inch and an eighth subflooring plywood, so I had to cut it down to it's current width so it wouldn't be too thick. It's finished in CA, with no stain. I like these and I...
  3. Art Deco-ish Band Saw Box

    This is my second bandsaw box. Again, I'm just practicing using my new bandsaw. I found out where I was making a mistake after this one (although I corrected it with a lot of sanding). I thought my blade was too wide to make 90 degree cuts in this thick of wood on the curves, but it turns...
  4. African Etimoe Ring with Nickel Inlay design

    This is another ring design I've been playing with. I use wood-burning nibs to create shaped voids in the wood rather than drilling or cutting then out - then I pack it with Nickel Dust -365 mesh. A drop of cyanoacrylate hardens it. careful sanding - a micro-mesh polishing and some burnishing...
  5. State of MA band saw box

    In my four part series of Boston cape and the islands jewelry box, this is part 2. State of MA made From solid cherry and then walnut drawer front and maple handles
  6. New Wedding Band African Blackwood and Padauk

    I've lost a little weight and needed a new wedding band so I made this from Blackwood and Padauk. Center ring is slightly slanted for character.
  7. New band stand for City Park refurbishment

    I am in charge of designing and implementing a major upgrade to our small town park. I donate my labor, and either the City or a local non-profit covers my materials expenses. We had many requests to add a facility for bands to play in the park. After much research, I found a design I liked...
  8. Hat Making Tool: Leather Sweat Band Decorative Groove Marking Tool for Vintage Looking Custom Hats

    This custom designed Hat Making Tool was a commissioned item, and has been SOLD. ------------------------- I've been pretty busy the past few weeks working on Maloof-Inspired rocking chairs, and since they aren't finished yet, I've not posted much for projects lately. I did take a break from...
  9. Ring

    Corian ring with white G10 and vavona burl inlay Size: 4,5 US - 10,5 US
  10. Oak Lined Leadwood Ring

    This is a wearable wooden ring made from a solid piece of Leadwood lined with Oak. The tricky thing with these rings is getting them the right size. My method is to wrap the thin strip of lining around a stepped ring mandrel and measure that diameter with calipers. I then bore out (using the...
  11. can't stop us

    -i was a bit depressed when it came down to time to eat before midnight before surgery & i still had not attached or sanded the seat slats…but, apparently, that can be done (albeit slowly) with one hand. I know this is no different than the other benches; it just felt like more of an...
  12. Bandsaw jewelry box with hidden drawer

    Hey everyone! Another project the list of items I published earlier that I wanted to do. I call this bandsaw jewelry box "porpoise" Now this is a unique box because the one challenge I wanted to do was create a "secret hidden drawer". Take a close to see where it might be. It's behind the...
  13. Ring

    Materials: Bog oak ( about 6000 years old !!!) and G10 Waxed with combination of carnauba and beeswax.
  14. First band saw box is done

    My first band saw box ever, made for my wife as a Christmas present. I just barely finished and wrapped in Christmas morn as the flocking inside the drawers still had to dry. I have a couple of tiny touch ups to do now that the finish is completely dry, but not too shabby. It's cut from dark...
  15. Cabinet for my Band Saw

    Ever since I originally organized my workshop, my band saw has lived on a table of sorts that I made from scraps around the shop. The table was not ideal, especially as it was lower than I felt comfortable with. The stand I built for it is basically a twin of the one I built for my drill press...
  16. Diamond Willow and Antler Tee Handle cane # 4

    This cane was a commission for a 94 year old , young lady . Its quite light weight with a slender handle. SOLD Materials Wood - Diamond Willow Handle - White Tailed Deer Antler + Black Walnut Finish - Satin Poly Thank you for your interest.
  17. Smiley Face Band Saw Box

    Made a band saw box out of a chunk of hickory. I wanted a design that I never saw before so I started drawing. I did not intend to make a stretched out smiley face, that's just what happened. All that is left to do is put felt in the drawers.
  18. Simple wood ring

    Materials: Wenge and Iroko wood Finish - inseed oil with combination of carnauba and beeswax.
  19. (Matthias Wandel) Homemade Wood Bandsaw

    I believe I've seen a few of these posted on lumberjocks over the years, but I FINALLY put the finishing touches on mine, and wanted to post it as there was some interest back when I started this project. For those that don't know, Matthias Wandel over at (also on youtube) has...
1-20 of 130 Results