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  1. Christmas Presents 2 - Wine Bottle Balancers

    I decided to make a few of the popular wine bottle balancers as Christmas gifts. Once I had the dimensions figured out, I realized it would be easy to make a large batch of these at once, so I made 12 total. I started from dimensions I found online, then tweaked it until I was satisfied. The...
  2. Cherry Wine Bottle Balancer

    A simple and quick project I made to go along with an end grain cutting board for a wedding gift. I used cherry with a shellac finish. It took a few cuts for the angle to get it right.
  3. Mahogany Wine Bottle Balancer & Drill Fixutre

    I have an order to make a few wine bottle balancers and the old fixture I had was too hard to control using a Forstner bit so I made a new one out of plywood. It works real well and needs no clamps because the guide and the part are contained on the sides and the bottom end. But it needs an...
  4. Salt and pepper shakers

    I decided a while back to try my hand at a craft show next Christmas. I thought that I could do small production runs of various small items that can be bought inexpensively. These salt and pepper shakers (7 sets), bottle balancers (12), and bookmarks (over 40 so far) are the first projects that...
  5. Maple wine bottle holder

    Simple made wine bottle holder. What else is there to say :-) For those who have question about how to make one… here
  6. A Beer Balancing Act

    I made this for a friend, who is a Bud Light fan. I actually had him give me bottle caps, partly because I don't drink Bud Light, but also because he'd have a tiny connection to the project. This could obviously be made to suit anybody's favorite beer, although the screw off caps work well, as...
  7. more wine balancers

    Here is a selection of wine bottle balancers I have been making lately. I have done two groups of these, stained in different finishes, and cut to different sizes and angle to give a little variety to the selection. These photos are of my most recent set, as the last set I had to deliver...
  8. Wine Caddies

    Here are a couple of wine caddies done recently. They each had a matching balancer, but never got around to photographing them. Fun, quick little project. Maple and Purpleheart finished with Danish oil and carnuba wax applied with 0000 steel wool. Photo's were prior to the waxing. I gave one...
  9. Bottle Balancer

    May I joint the club? A piece of left over wood has beautiful grain, I decided to make the simplest project I can think of. Size Thickness 20mm Width 70mm Center of hole to the bottom edge 200mm Hole Dia. 40mm One has 3 large insect holes that are filled with epoxy resin.
  10. Laser Etched Wine Tilt

    So I will be investing some time making one of these for my girlfriend as a house-warming gift very soon and this was my "test run". I had no idea how it would turn out because I don't own a drill press and I only had a very dull paddle bit. I have since invested in a new forstner bit and a few...
  11. wine tilts - wine balancers

    I made these after seeing RAH's Wine Balancers project. I had to make mine with slightly different dimensions to get them to stand. Once I found the size and angle that worked for me they are pretty stable. You can bump a table reasonably hard and they wont fall over. On a counter they stand...
  12. Marquetry, Wine Balancer, Scrolling

    My son is here visiting from CT. and wanted to make some wine balancers. And because I just finished my veneer press, we started off the first one with some simple marquetry to see how the press worked. The sailboat should fit in nicely in Mystic, CT. The press worked GREAT! We then tried a...
  13. Bottle Balancer

    Had a Freshmen student who wanted to make a present for his Grandmother. We decided on a bottle balancer. Made out of cherry and maple. He did an outstanding job on his first project!
  14. Wine bottle balancers

    Made some wine bottle balancers out of old barn beams. Oak and elm.
  15. I love those Wine balancers but.....

    I don't drink wine. I do appreciate our Canadian neighbors to the north. Had a scrap piece of matarial from a cutting board I use in the RV. Walnut and oak finished with spray lacquer or liquor (I don't remember which). Thanks for notic'n…................. Seasons Greetings…................
  16. Florida Wine Balancers

    I started making these wine balancers to sell at a local craft show here in South Florida. They are each cut out of pine using a scroll saw. I try to go pretty quick and loose with the turns so each one is a little different. After that the edges are burned with a torch and wiped down to remove...
  17. Wine Bottle Balancers

    Many thanks to John W. Nixon over at Eagle Lake Woodworking for posting the measured drawing on his site. My wife saw the pictures and loved the idea; so off to the shop I went. I used red oak with Minwax's cherry stain and fast dry satin polyurethane. The balancers are dated with an inlaid...
  18. My wine balancer holder

    Hello This sunday I decide to make my wine balancer holder The angle cut of the base is 45° and the angle cut of the hole 45° A very fun project to do Thanks for sharing
  19. Wine Balancers

    I made these for Christmas presents last year for family, I also give them to clients. They are fun and everyone needs to touch them to see if they are nailed down.
  20. My rabbit wine holder

    Hello I design the pattern and go to the shop to make the hole and to cut the rabbit The wine holder is good for little bottle and for family gift Thanks for sharing
1-20 of 34 Results