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    25X25cm / 25x40mm picture frames made of firwood. I cut shape on tablesaw and angles on mitersaw. Corners were glued and stapled. No finish,, since they will be additionaly decorated and painted.
  2. Cornhole Boards - Quiet, Silent

    Updated 1/11/19: we pulled out the insulation and filled the boards with concrete and put a 3/4" backer board underneath. We used green glue between the framing and the bottom backer board to help dampen vibration. They are about 1/2" higher than regulation, but they are SUPER quiet now...
  3. Plastic Grocery bag storage

    This is a solution I came up with for all of the plastic bags that were accumulating from trips to the grocery store. The kids would always keep them and they'd just pile up so this also serves as a gauge, if it's full we don't need to save anymore bags.
  4. Cornhole Set - Fancy Style

    I made this cornhole set as a wedding gift for my cousin. They requested the "Mr./Mrs." logos but gave me free reign over the rest of the design. Design I wanted to make this set as nice and "woodworking-y" as I could, rather than just screw together some 2×4's like many cornhole sets. I...
  5. Forming the Round Doors for the Home office

    In the home office project, there are large curved door. At the time of writing about the project, the pictures showing the form work were mixed in with over a thousand other pictures. Well, we found them, and I thought some people would like to see how it was done. To be honest I forgot how it...
  6. The Platten for Vacuum Systems

    When gluing up panels in a vacuum bag, it is important to have a substrate under the parts. This substrate is called a platten. The platten is supporting the parts, much like a bench top. The platten is inserted into the bag along with the project being glued up. The more important purpose...
  7. University of California Berkeley

    Being in a military town you never know what you will get an order for.
  8. Table Scraps

    I've been meaning to post these for awhile. My butcher block tables are made out of oak, walnut, maple, and cherry scraps. I built two end tables and a coffee table. The legs are two 8/4 glued back to back, stained walnut (minwax). I used a conversion varnish finish. Great table for having kids...
  9. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Hi All I recently upgraded my really cheap and nasty small (5L capacity) extractor for a Makita one and it arrived today. My old extractor had a zipped (zipper) dustbag which you just unzipped and emptied into the bin. The Makita one came with a disposable dustbag (25L capacity) but just...
  10. Wood & Lumber
    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone using a vacuum Veneer press setup has tried using a 2 gallon ziplock bag??? be well LazyK
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Sears website is currently showing some Grizzly tools for sale on their website. Today only, is offering 10% Cashback on Sears purchases….in addition to signing up, the only requirement I'm aware of is that the transaction must be originated through the website. The money...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've been looking at the dewalt saw for a while and haven't seen any adapters available for making a long track out of two short ones. I swear when I first started looking I read somewhere about someone doing it but I see nothing on their site etc now(lj search didn't pull up anything...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've been meaning to research this for weeks, and I finally remembered. I found this on the subject, which is pretty fancy. I have a Delta AP400, bought on a sale from Rockler (no longer sold on their site). I only just realized how bad the collection bags are: 30 micron! Still, it's way better...
1-13 of 13 Results