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    Just sample of 20 more to make,... wooden rings made of ayous. Diameter 18cm, 25×25mm cross profile, no finish. It was ordered by ceramic hobby worker to serve as structural part of ceramic pots projects. Jig and ring I made on bandsaw (bandsaw circle making jig), with jigsaw, two types of...

    Ayous, profile 25×25mm, rounded all four edges, 13cm outer diameter, no finish. Tools used : jigsaw, drill, router table, disc sander, oscillating spindle sander, bandsaw circle making jig. Purpose : addition to ceramic bowl project.

    Nika Dea Ena - ayous 15×23x3cm - wood primer, glossy white spray paint MARINERO BEACH BAR - oak, 15×10x1cm, wood oil ...lot of beltsander sanding… I cut all on bandsaw, except inner cuts, with scrollsaw.

    Made this corn hole game for a neighbor AFTER he say me making one for a friend. Kinda funny how someone doesn't know they want something until they see it?! Go figure. No problem though because I enjoy making things and pleasing friends / neighbors. Corn hole games seem to be a big this her in NC.
  5. Ayous picture frame

    This picture frame was made of ayous, because it is dense but still very light wood, what makes it perfect for frames. Finished with black spray colour. Dimensions 34×34x5cm and 30×40x5cm. It was made on request to accomodate a kind of cap which was a part of Croatian national costume (last photo).
  6. Blogs
    Chess Boards 6 photos | 1 view A couple of chess boards I made in the past ------------------------------------------------ the wood was some scrap I had I don't know what it is, the black squares are coloured with matt black auto paint and the stringing is Aluminium strip, the base is scrap...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    Can anyone provide some sources for Obeche/Ayouse lumber here in the States? I'm located in OH, so the closer, the better. Thanks! Ross
  8. Finishing
    I know some finishes dry hard and bond well enough to previous coats (like shellac) that it's easy to sand and polish them to a high gloss. Except for pianos, I can't find many examples of people doing it with paint, though. I assume lacquer would work fine. Latex…probably not. I tried a...
1-8 of 8 Results