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  1. Cross section of the Avondster

    Hi, In addition to the making of the tenth scale model I was asked to also make a Cross section of the midship of it, Actually I started working on it before I was commissioned.I started on a one twenty scale. just for kicks, Seeing this they requested a one tenth scale to go with the model...
  2. Cannons of Avondster

    Having made the 15ft Model and the cross section of the mid ship of the Sailing ship Avondster. I decided to make a detail of the Cannon and gun port just for fun. But I realised that I had to give gifts, to two Gentlemen of the Old Guard, who visited my place as often as they were able to...
  3. The Avondster -Sailing ship built from scratch in record time

    I was commissioned to build the model of an ancient Galleon (wreak) for the proposed Maritime Museum In Galle Sri Lanka, without any detail drawings but only some pictures of similar ships of that era. It had to be done in 4 months and to one tenth scale, 15ft(LOA) I did it and enjoyed every...
1-3 of 3 Results