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  1. AV cabinet

    Need a cabinet for all my AV equipment. 2 VCRs, Cable Box, AV receiver, and Mac Mini, all my Tapes and DVDs. Plywood box and Solids for trim.
  2. Desktop speaker stands for Audioengine A2 speakers

    This is a pair of speaker stands that a friend asked me to make as a holiday gift for someone. The first picture is the stands at home on my computer table, and the second picture is a sketchup model with the speakers. Unfortunately I don't have a real picture with the speakers. He gave me the...
  3. TV/Stereo Stand

    My Brother and I had a little shop time to make him a TV/Stereo stand that would match his existing book cases. After a short period of work,,, Projects are much easier when there are two. It was done. Matching stain and finish to be done at his house.
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Martin, There are several of us in wheelchairs that enjoy woodworking. But need advice on modifying equipment to our specific needs. Also a networking place to help us find machinery we can afford that is modifiable. Thank you for your attention to this. Rand
  5. Blogs
    The Beginning. Dear myself, I am almost done with my Bed for Joshua. The linseed oil is drying and it is waiting for the oil based polyurethane. I am taking a few days break to make sure that the Linseed Oil is good a dry. Also, I do not want to make any last minute mistakes. (I always get...
1-5 of 5 Results