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    The Original Incra Jig while working and designing my router table I noticed that there are no Incra Models on Sketchup 3D Warehouse at all. I do not have any of the LS positioner systems, and would have liked to have a 3D model version to incorporate into my design and see how it would work...
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    Technology and Wood: My first thoughts of a new horizon. Our journey starts nearly nine months ago when I first started working for a woodworking tool dealership. Before that time I only had a small amount of experience in the construction industry dealing with nail guns, band saws, circular...
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    3D Printing in the Workshop While this topic doesn't strictly fit into the guidelines of timber product, it does incorporate the processing of said prerequisite, however, to err on the side of veto wizards I decided to blog instead of projecting it. We need to set the mood! Once...
1-4 of 4 Results