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  1. Star gazing

    Hi Here is a recently completed bandsawn box. There are two storage compartments, the drawer in the base section and a lidded cavity at the top (kept in place by the use of magnets). The timber is Australian Red Cedar. And yes, it was fun to make! Tony Ward
  2. Roll Top ~ a bandsawn box

    Hi A recently completed bandsawn box - the Roll Top. Australian Red Cedar, it is 14.5 cm (5 3/4") long. The insert is Birch. Good Health
  3. The Tower

    Of Australian Red Cedar.
  4. Spring Bud

    To celebrate the change of seasons - of Australian Red Cedar.
  5. Coat Stand

    So I finally decided to join lumber jocks and chuck up a few of my projects. So here is my first posted project. Most of the time I make things because I want one or to give them away as a gift. This is one that I wanted. It is made from Australian River Red Gum and Tasmanian Oak. It is a...
  6. Around the world by jewellery box

    Perhaps a jewellery box isn't the first thing you'd think of when contemplating a trip around the world (unless you are Kim Kardashian, perhaps). However, the box I made for a club fund-raising raffle provided a bit of globe trotting adventure, at least in the origins of the various timbers...
  7. Austrailan Myrtle burl bowl

    This started out as a nasty, black, warped blank I saw at WoodCraft. Kept looking, kept passing over at a price of $30. When it finally went on sale for half price I decided to pick it up … and WOW, am I glad I did! The lighting here doesn't do justice to the beautiful rose color of the wood...
  8. Fire Appliance Pumper

    This project has been real long term one No plans Build from memory and various photos and then changed things to what might have been
  9. Coffee Table

    This coffee table was built for my wife. This is significant because it is the first thing she has actually asked me for and therefore the first thing I have made for her. The style is based on the Limbert style coffee table featured in Fine Woodworking (last image). Mine is not quite as tall...
  10. 1933 Ford Fordor Sedan - Tribite Car Build

    1933 Ford Fordor Sedan - Tribute Car Build. The toy come model, scratch built, is a tribute to my dad and mum. In 1949 dad rebuilt one of these, so he and mum had a good car for their wedding day and honeymoon in Easter of 1950. The number plates represent Jim Margaret 8th April 1950. Dad...
  11. Matchbox Toy Garage - An Old Iconic Australian Service Station - Golden Fleece

    Matchbox Toy Garage - An Old Iconic Australian Service Station - Golden Fleece.. I've forgotten how many of these I've made and given away, but this one is for the Local Community Clubs Christmas Raffle, my wife asked me if I could make one and I chose the theme of an old iconic Australian...
  12. Octagonal Box. Purpose...unknown?

    I received a stack of this wood from my sister and wanted to build her something as thanks. I have never done anything shaped as an octagon, and haven't seen one on here before either. I believe the wood is Australian Cypress, which is very beautiful. I made sure to keep the grain...
  13. Square outdoor table

    Second table matching table/servery bar..also in Melaleuca.
  14. Wine Rack

    The client wanted a small wine rack as a gift and provided artist freedom. As you can see one block of Australian Red Cedar (gloat!). Tony Ward
  15. Suspension, a two drawer box.

    Hi Australian Red Cedar, two drawers, 20cm tall (approx.) Tony Ward
  16. Krenov Style Cabinet *Grade 10 Major Project*

    This is my Krenov Style Cabinet I made for my Grade 10 major project for school!!!! It is constructed all out of Tasmanian Oak (Australian hardwood) with the door pulls being made out of Jarrah (another Australian hardwood). This was quite a challenging project for me seeing it is the second...
  17. Serving Tray

    I've showed one of these before. I made this tray a few years back and enjoyed seeing it again at my daughter's home in Vanouver. They are easy to make and appreciated by everyone for whom I've made them. The wood is Australian Blackwood and finished with Minwax low sheen Wipe-on Poly. Sorry...
  18. Dust collection for Drill press

    I figured since I added the table and fence then might as well add something to hold my dust collector hose. It is held in place by a 5/16 carriage bolt with a knob on the bottom so I can loosen and slightly adjust if needed.
  19. First entry

    Just joined Lumberjocks and wanted to upload at least one project so here is a recent one! The box uses a variety of timbers from Australia (and one from Fiji). - Kauri (Fijian) for the sides and lid. - Native Olive Veneer (for the outer lid and outer base). - Leatherwood Veneer (for the inner...
  20. Weather Station III & IV

    Here are some shots of Weather Stations III & IV. The one on the left is Mahagony/Ebony. The right is Jatoba/Ebony. In these versions the wings are 15 degrees inward and the tops and bottoms are symetrical. The middle space is 1 1/4" wide. Overall I think these dimensions are the most...
1-20 of 42 Results