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  1. Hand Tools
    Has anyone tried the Fisch Jennings-pattern auger bits sold by TFWW and Highland? Searching around I'm not seeing much about them. Wondering what people's experience is, especially compared to old Jennings or Irwin augers.
  2. Blogs
    August 2011 has a couple of tool making related articles Figured I would start a new series related to tool making. I recieved Fine Woodworking yesterday and I noticed that there is an article/video on making and using a simple Scratch stock. This is another one of those items that has been...
  3. Blogs
    Part 1 - Restoring a Brace to 'Like New' Condition In a recent tool gloat, dakremer showed off three lovely braces he'd purchased and said "Now I just have to learn how to restore this kind of thing". WayneC was first to congratulate him and then proceeded to drop me in it (only joking) by...
  4. Blogs
    Spoon and reamer augers - one from France one from Denmark Spoon and reamer augers museum tools back to life The summer 2015 I was at a marked with some friends, there were a guy selling tools, he had gotten his hands on a museum that was closing down and so he had some interesting things, I...
  5. Blogs
    Going Green This is a project that has been on my mind for several years. I enjoy hand tool woodworking and I like to try my hand at many different types of woodworking projects. For the most part, I tend to avoid green woodworking. Usually I don't have green wood available and I don't seek...
  6. Blogs
    Dirt-Cheap boring Very short entry… This is my Brace & Bit set-up… Brace - Stanley Handyman, flea-market - $2 Auger Bits - flea-market, sharpened with a file - $8 Stubby auger bits - Harbor Freight - $12 (I Don't use these that much) Tool roll - Sewn by my wife with existing fabric - $0 I...
  7. Blogs
    Single-bore mortises As I'm preparing to cut various joints for a project, I'll go through my copy of The Woodworker from Lost Art Press to refresh myself on how to do the joint in question. In this case, mortise and tenons. One included article, a reader submission, suggests a more efficient...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey guys, does anybody still make good quality auger bits for a hand brace or am I just going to have to get old ones on eBay? Thanks
  9. Hand Tools
    Hi all, I recently found some auger bits in an antique store. One was a size 16 New Haven Copper Co. and the other was a size 14 but I couldn't quite make out the maker's mark. One of the markings has an obvious "nnings" which I tried searching. I found plenty of Russell Jennings and a few C...
  10. Hand Tools
    I posted this in the Vintage drills of your dreams thread but thought others that do not follow that thread would find this interesting.
  11. Hand Tools
    Came across this short video that shows how augers are made in case you've ever wondered. Thought it might be of interest.
  12. Finishing
    Hey All, New to this site, forum, woodworking, etc. Came here for a community of sound and informed advice and am looking for a little help. Briefly, my girlfriend and I moved into an apartment a couple months ago with this guy who has very nice furniture namely three chairs handcrafted in...
21-33 of 33 Results