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  1. Wood Coasters

    I used 3/4" bamboo flooring to make these coasters. For a how to video and free plans for this project click Here! Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans!
  2. Hand Tools
    Hi, I recently bought this saw from an auction without actually seeing it. I just like saws and the price was right. It is an Atkins saw and after giving it a quick clean thought that initially it said no.20 on the blade which turned out to be a Plaster's saw except it was the wrong size and...
  3. Blogs
    This, My Friends, Is a Pencil Sharpener! EDIT: Resurrected from Photo(scum)Bucket Hell, Feb 2018. Smitty Picked this up at an estate sale, and only knew what it was because P. Leach had one in a Tool List some months ago. Yeah, I wanted the one he had, but just couldn't pull the trigger. This...
  4. Blogs
    Charles Rohlfs Oak Desk, Stickley Ellis Table & Iconic Crafts, Nelson Atkins Art Gallery Kansas City Wow! I made it, I finally made it, and oh what a surprise to find a museum with Iconic Furniture pieces intermixed with a lot of European, Asian, Native American, Egyptian, and some strange...
  5. Blogs
    Atkins 53 - a $5 handsaw I may have a saw problem. I picked up a 20" Saw made by the EC Atkins Co Inc for $5 at a garage sale. My wife rolled her eyes. I bought it under the guise that it was a cute little saw for my 2yr old son to use. It was true. It was a cute little saw, and I did buy...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    Im offering up a couple of handsaws with a few more to come. If youd like to talk pricing and specifics PM's are preferred. If youd like additional pictures or descriptions ill be more than happy to post them here for all to see. Ive refurbished the plates and handles as well as reshaped and...
1-6 of 6 Results