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  1. could have been twins

    Picture might be too small but it is all I have. I finished the clock on the left a few hours before it went to a craft show so I don't remember much about it. All the pieces is Ash wood
  2. 4 Holiday Gifts Ideas You can Make

    With all of us spending more time at home this year, I find myself spending time in the kitchen and cooking more than ever before. That why I decided to dedicate this year's DIY-holiday-gifts-you-can-make-out-of-wood edition to gifts for the kitchen. I made everything out of scraps of Ash wood...
  3. Inuit (Eskimo) Ash wood & Leather Kyack

    Work in progress. Mini ASH wood kyack. With real spear and paddle. Leather is from some UGG boots that the outlets tossed when new models come in to the store. I scrounged them. Nice leather with shearling lining. The SOB's slash and cut them up so no one can wear them. Big bag outside the back...
  4. Inuit (eskimo ) Ash Sled is a steam bent, Ash Inuit (Eskimo )Dog Sled I made a while back. All I need is a team of small dogs and I am set for winter fun !
  5. Mini Snowshoes

    Made these a while back,, Steam bent Ash wood from my own trees, with artificial sinew. and mesh from vegee bags. I like re-purposing and re-cycling stuff as you can tell from my projects. i have some full size ones too. There was a guy and his wife who makes the real deal. Not sure if the...
  6. Mid-century Nightstand with Hexagon pattern drawers

    My goal was to build an original yet timeless nightstand. I had vision of a black carcass with hexagon pattern drawers, and a mid-century style base. I built it entirely out of ash wood, and I love how the grain really pops. In the video tutorial, I walk you through every step of making this...
  7. Coat Rack

    Living in a northern climate with a never-ending winter, my entryway quickly gets overtaken with an overwhelming amount of coats, snow pants, scarves, tuques, etc. that overflow from my mini closet onto the banister, entryway bench and anywhere else we can find. I decided it was time to add some...
  8. Real mini (very tiny ) bow & arrow

    I was making full size bow & arrows. I thought a really small one would be fun to make. I found a perfect piece of ash, a small chip of flint and some feathers from a recent arrow build. So here is what I made. It shoots well too.
  9. One of the most important items

    One would not think a toilet paper holder needs to be reborn, but hey. It has been displayed on the wall forever and it is still kinda the same as it was 50 years ago. Next thing I will change or add will be an attached box underneath to hold a spare roll…... Halfacre
  10. picture frame jig

    Picked up stats on this jig from internet blog. Wing nuts allow quick adjustments for different sized frames The connecting two blocks were incorrectly pictured but finally got it to work. The small picture frame is ready to be inserted with glued joints.
  11. Now that we got indoor plumbing

    I learned a lesson from making all these curly cues especially in the bathroom for this is where most of a persons dead skin floats around and gets in those areas that is hard to keep dusted…especially when a person is 900 years old. I am one who wants something different especially things I...
  12. Making a large axe head and handle

    In this project I make a large axe in the folded axe style. I took a 10mm (3/8'') steel plate and folded it after which I inserted a piece of high - carbon steel and forge welded it altogether. I made the handle out of ash which had a nice figure on it. To test the axe I chopped down an old...
  13. WorkBench

    Last year I decided to finally make a tradtional woodworkers bench, so I used the Fine Woodworking article that featured a workbench shootout with 8 well known manufactures bench's with pictures and spec's. I tailored the bench to fit me. I have a portable bandsaw mill, and decided to use Ash...
  14. Puzzles for my mom's Kindergarten class

    These are puzzles I made out of left over ash for my mom's kindergarten class.
  15. Candle Holder

    For this candle holder I used ash wood and walnut wood. For a how to video and free plans for this project click Here! Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans!
  16. Finishing
    Hi Folks, I just got a request for a table and an end-grain bar to match a greyish color scheme. I have a ready supply of ash, but have never had the challenge of encouraging it to go down the grey scale or keeping it protected (I usually just let it alone with linseed or tung oil and it...
  17. Focus on the Workspace
    I'm looking to build a small portable workbench to use in my apartment. I really like the design of the milkman workbench from the June 2013 popular woodworking magazine. Would anyone be able to provide a copy of the...
1-17 of 17 Results