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  1. Projects Drill Press Cabinet

    I've had the Viking Nova drill press for a while now and it needed a permanent home. The project started where most of my projects do, on SketchUp. Part way thru making the SketchUp model I realized I needed to dig thru the various scraps and shorts to see what was usable for the project. I...
  2. dyed/stabelized wood

    I was given the opportunity to test a new blank for someone on another site. He sent out blanks to about 10 of us. This is the result of my test. It is dyed/stableized Maple. It was finished with CA then buffed. I splurged on a $19.99 photo tent/light kit to try and improve my photos so...
  3. bedroom vanity

    a simple bedroom vantiy 1.5" sq. tubing frame birch plywood painted to specs. against my will. lol hand painted flowers and hummingbirds. 5 coats of clear finsh to protect. twoo pull out drawers and a seat
  4. Euro pallet coasters

    Pallet coaster made of pallet wood - ofcourse, finish water based laquer. Packed as set of six pieces for sale. It would be better to make standard American pallet because it has more squared shape, but Europallet is more recognazible here, although it has 20 pieces. Dimension ratio is 1:10, so...
  5. Retirement Clock for my Dad

    Hello, this is my first woodworking project on this site, and one of my first successful projects in general. (I am just going to not make any posts on the failed predecessors). I wanted to make my dad something something special to commemorate his retirement, and this was the result. He is a...
  6. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  7. New Zealand swamp Kauri bowl with Nz Paua inlay

    The results of one of my favorite past time hobby, this one was sold and sent to England as a wedding gift.
  8. Arts and Crafts/Rodel Dining Room Table

    This is a dining room table that I recently finished, built of elm that was planted in Walla Walla by the first pioneers in 1840. I call it 'guilt free old growth'. It's all twice-quartersawn, and just magnificent, wood-wise. The table was patterned after a desk originally designed by Kevin...
  9. A Doll Crib For Caite

    My latest project is a doll crib for my granddaughter Caite. Yes it is made from Pine. All the joints are hand cut mortise and tenon (proud joints) The storage drawer is has hand cut dovetails. My wife is currently making the mattress and 2 blankets.
  10. Wooden skidder

    I recently got into wood working my first chosen project was the toys and joy clark skidder. I used the prints and made it my own. There is a video i did before the stain. is the link
  11. Morris Chair

    This version of the Morris Chair is based on the New Yankee Workshop plans with some modifications. First, I reduced the size of the slats on the sides to make it similar to the coffee table I built a few months ago. Second, I slightly reduced the dimensions of the legs by 1/4" each side to...
  12. Arts & Crafts End Table

    These are two Arts and Crafts style end tables I built for our bedroom. They are made of Honduran Mahogany. Finish is brown mahogany Transtint dye in denatured alcohol followed by Seal-A-Coat by General Finishes and then multiple coats of GF Arm-R-Seal. Each table has 50 mortise and tenon...
  13. New Zealand Kamahi bowl, with Nz paua shell inlay

    This piece was a very rare find, never herd of this New Zealand timber before until I brought it off a wood merchant as a wood turning blank. Was sold and sent to the states as a gift. Every now and then as wood workers we find it hard to part with something we have made, whether it be for cash...
  14. tweety

    ..for all the ladies who feel like girls ..for their children .. .. and for children of all great friends of this great site:)
  15. Laminated New Zealand Kauri fruit bowl, with Nz Paua shell and Kauri leaf inlay

    Bowl was turned from a decent kauri laminated block, was a wedding gift for my cousin and his wife in Tasmania Australia.
  16. Cherry Secretary rollup desk.

    Cherry secretary I made for my wife's birthday.
  17. Walnut and Maple box

    Walnut and Maple dresser valet I made as a Christmas present. The is the second box I've made, so it has a few flaws. The small feet are walnut, the box is maple, the splines are walnut, the lid is walnut and maple, the handle is a small piece of walnut I picked up off the floor. The spline jig...
  18. A Mission Statement Studio, handmade tile, bought on eBay framed in arts and crafts style QSWO frame

    A Mission Statement Studio handmade tile link to website This one is for sale. Send me an email. ... Arts and Crafts Style Pagoda frame, Quarter sawn White Oak,with Honduran mahogany corbels, aniline dye, mahogany stain and seedlac shellac ... allot of great deals on ebay for studio and...
1-20 of 500 Results