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  1. my timed 4 min 32second chainsaw carving

    the is a gate post for Silver Spring Day Schools entrance gate carved in under 5 min i used the method in my book so you thought you couldn't cut it,,,, a beginners guide to woodcarving
  2. Another Christmas burn

    As the title says….another Christmas order.
  3. Blogs
    Portrait of Megan Hi Everyone! Well here is my first attempt at a blog. To wood burn a portrait I start out with a photo of the person. I scan it to my computer and then I print out the size of the portrait, Megan was done as an 8" x 10" size. Next I find the piece of wood I want to put it...
  4. Blogs
    I (also) took the handmade pledge Thanks for the information and inspiration from Lumberjock extraordinaire, Mark Decou, I also took the handmade pledge. Read Marks post on the subject, its a good read. (go ahead, I'll wait.) ... Ok, I took the handmade pledge, and opened up my own Etsy...
  5. Blogs
    My First Green Man This is my first carving of a Green Man. This is carved from the pattern that is in the book, Relief Carving Wood Spirits: A Step-By-Step Guide for Releasing Faces in Wood by Lora S. Irish. She is one of my favorite woodcarvers and artists. She has inspired me a lot. I...
  6. Blogs
    Brush Cleaning~101 Sign painting brushes are the tools of my trade. so, after years of fussing with the cheaper models, I eventually amassed a collection of the more expensive models. name brands are Nocturna, Langnickel, Mack, etc. and like in any craft, the better the tools, the easier it is...
  7. Blogs
    Art for Life, Buying Handmade, The Economy Optimist, & a website called "" I'm sort of sad this week. It's just frustrating to me, what is happening now. In the big sense, and the little Lumberjock sense. An artist and L-J'er that I greatly admire, Thomas Angle, can't find...
  8. Blogs
    Event open to ALL local artists: Trenton, NJ's "Art All Night" - June 16th / 17th ... Anyone interested in the Trenton, NJ area in displaying a unique piece of artwork - pro's or amateurs alike in any medium (wood of course is welcome!) ... furniture, carvings, sculpture - it all is welcome...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    Guys, I saw a video somewhere on how to use a set of calipers to measure the exact center of a board that you want to resaw/rip. Does this ring a bell with anyone and could you share a link or the method?
  10. Focus on the Workspace
    I'm trying something new in my shop. I've opened it up to artists, students and craftsmen in the Los Angeles area. You can rent tools or bring your own and rent workspace for a short or extended time. I've posted the rates and tools on my website. If you have a need for...
1-10 of 10 Results