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  1. French 4lb Canon Restoration

    The first resident cannon the Monmouth Battlefield State Park Museum, this reproduction French four-pounder was donated through the Friends of Monmouth in dire need of attention. Artisans Artisans replaced the rotted cannon trails and reinforced the axle. The wheels and hubs remained intact and...
  2. 1790 Pack Howitzer - Why Can't Woodworkers Build Cannons?

    My father jumps between fighting the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and once and a while a skirmish in between. This project provided the basis for his impression of an Artillery Artificer, a 1790 Pack Howitzer designed as a small infantry support weapon that could be broken down and easily...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    (Note- this is part of my recent blog on Lumber Jocks, but I wanted to put it in the Forum too because many don't read the blogs and I need as many Ideas as I can get…) No point in boring you with the specifics that have filled my days since the snow began to fall here. But I thought I'd try...
1-3 of 3 Results