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  1. Fancy Cane #95: Black & White Ebony w/ Brazilian Ebony

    This cane was commissioned as a birthday present for a gentleman who wanted an elegant cane with a traditional right angle "L" shaped handle. He liked the style of Cane #079 and this is actually the sister piece of wood from that cane. I was pleased to be...
  2. Custom Fancy Ladies Cane #051: Manzanita Burl, Tiger/Flame Maple & Purpleheart

    This is an elegant ladies cane made for a small hand. The handle is made of Manzanita Burl which I'm quite fond of, especially with the sunray of colors. Manzanita is known to have voids and cracks that some wood workers may choose to stay away from, but I rather like the imperfections as...
  3. Fancy Wood Cane #040: Macadamia, Ebony & Maca

    I found some macadamia wood with an interesting pattern of orange "dashes & rays" in it. Although the wood is cut on the cross grain to expose the pattern, the macadamia is quite hard and dense that I feel the short grain is still extremely strong. I had to work hard to sand down the surface...
1-3 of 3 Results