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  1. BadLands

    I made this box for Alison, a friend that gives much of her time to helping others. The name came about from the patterns, grain and crevices in the ziricote medallion and handle has a picture of a mesa off in the distance. It was pretty punky so I dug out all the loose material and using CA, I...
  2. Drift

    This is the first shaped box I have done without a center piece, a medallion, and this was something I wanted to try and also saved me a lot of time. I like the effect. The body is a wild piece of Pecan/Hickory that our cabinet shop tossed because it had hairline checking and didnt blend with...
  3. By the Sea

    The Ziricote panel reminded me of our coastline, hence the name. The body is wenge and the accents are maple and bloodwood. The hande is Ziricote. The finish is Deft spray lacquer, semi-gloss. The liner is red leatherette fabric. I tried out several ideas that have been on my mind for awhile...
  4. "Class Act" a Palm Box

    Another Palm Box, this one in bloodwood with a wild piece of cherry. The button is wenge, maple and bloodwood. It was made by laminating the strips together and cutting it out with a plug cutter, then shaped on the drum sander. I pinned the lid in place and taped it shut so it wouldnt squirm and...
1-4 of 4 Results