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  1. Altar

    I made this while I was stationed in Iraq in 2005. We needed an altar in the chapel, at the time all we were using was an old table. The only material I could get my hands on was plywood and 2×6s. So I made do with what I had and went at it. The table top is made of 2×6s (I forget how many it...
  2. Plaque

    This plaque was made for a retiring brigadier general for the marines 238th birthday. Over 150 hours of work!!! Walnut, yellow heart and bloodwood.
  3. Scrollsewn Army Crest

    This is my FIRST attempt at scrollsawing. It took me a total of 12 hours to complete including finishing. I have it displayed at my office. Whatchathink? I purchased a book of these patterns and just started with this one since it applied to myself. Will make more, that is for sure.
  4. Coin holder

    This is a coin holder that I made for my boss when he left Fort Irwin, CA. I know, it kinda looks like a toilet seat. That was not intentional, it is a horse shoe. Our unit nickname is the Broncos. Thus the horseshoe shape. This was fun to make.
  5. Spur and Stetson rack

    Made this for a friend as a favor. It holds a set of spurs (on bottom) and a stetson (on top). I used red and green stain, instead of painting it.
  6. Army Plaque

    Made this for a guy as a favor. It is the Army Transportation Corps symbol. Overall it was appr. 15" tall and wide. The letters were a bear. Smallest things I have cut on a scroll saw thus far.
  7. Vintage oak barracks flooring

    I have shown projects before with my using oak lumber from the 1941 barracks used by the Army at Fort Knox, Ky. up into the 60,s. This time I turned the flooring over to the bottom side. Each piece was/is embossed about every 18" with ( made in the USA- Marion- Mississippi- Cornish /which is...
  8. 2018 Mallet Swap - A bunch of firsts.

    So I'm a new woodworking, only been trying this hobby for about 6 months and pretty much the extent of stuff I've done is raised gardens, a gardening workbench and a dog house. Nothing fancy at all. Well the fine delinquents we have here talked me in to joining the mallet swap even though I...
  9. Army CIB Combat Infantry Badge Plaque

    Here's an Army Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) I built for my brother-in-law for his birthday. It's made of Aspen and painted with automotive Chrome paint. It's 4'L x 2'H. As always, thanks for looking!
  10. Air Assault!

    Today I got out the new hand held router and went to town making this 10.5 in. Air Assault badge for my office here at Fort Hood. It was the first project I have tried routing that wasn't just regular old letters and numbers. If you have never tried something like this with the router then I...
  11. Never too late

    I created this project for an Army Veteran who wanted a central display for his military items. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1974 and finally made a point to gather his memorabilia to showcase. Red oak and red mahogany stain was used with two coats of Minwax spray poly to seal...
  12. Army Air Corp Shadow Box

    This was order from a gentlemen who wanted to have his retired fathers Army Air Corps accouterments displayed in something other than a picture frame. Thanks for looking. Enjoy! If you have any questions about this design or any of my displays, please feel free to e-mail me!
  13. Army Badges

    After hand routing my first project last weekend (US Army Air Assault Badge) A friend at work asked me to make him a Recruiting badge and a Combat Medic Badge. Yesterday I purchased a 1/8 2 flute straight bit for more detailed work, I used it for the recruiter badge and a few days ago when I...
  14. New Grandson Makes Me Think Like A Kid

    I ordered this plan about a year ago from and went to work on it. It's pretty easy to build, so I made three sets, planning to give them away when the occasion came up. The material for this one is all MDF in various sizes. The plans are easy to understand and the customer...
  15. Retirement shadow box

    This is a shadow box I made for a buddy of mine that retired after 20+ years in the Army (3 more years, and I can make one for my retirement!) It is my first attempt with "real" wood, ie non-pine. LOL. It is 24"x21"x4". I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of it with all his Army awards and...
  16. Farewell Gift

    Farewell gift for a departing chaplain that I worked with here at West Point. There were hooks added after this picture was taken that connect the top piece to the botton piece.
  17. USMC Pen and Display

    I caste this blank from alumiltie. I needed something to display it with so came up with this little flag display. Seems to work… I caste custom blanks if anyone is interested.
  18. Army plaque

    Army plaque cut with the scroll saw out of birch ply. Spray painted cutout black with a white background.hand painted black cracks and flicked brush to get the spotted effect.
  19. Memorial Flag Case for my Dad

    My dad liked Walnut and loved how I incorporated sapwood in my projects. He sadly died of covid pneumonia a few weeks ago. It's been devastating but keeping busy in the shop has helped. RIP Dad. I miss you tons!
  20. Army Military Plague

    I made this for my father. Material is Oak, scroll sawed with a patern from a book. I found the book on Amazon → Scroll Saw Military Designs http://
1-20 of 54 Results