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  1. Armor

    War horse body armor. This was a test to start making horse sculptures. Made from basswood, walnut, sapele, and bloodwood. Body was cut with band saw and shaped with a rasp.
  2. New Armor

    Since I did the prototype to see if I would like the size, here's the one with all the armor. I think I'll make more from this one and see were it goes.
  3. Skyrim shield for my little girl

    My daughter really likes Skyrim - loves to watch the horse riding and dragons. I made her a shield based on the Riften Town Guard design. I cut the swords out with an exacto and glued them down, then spray lacquered over them. Started with a leather strap for the handle on the back, but that...
  4. Blogs
    Charles Rohlfs Oak Desk, Stickley Ellis Table & Iconic Crafts, Nelson Atkins Art Gallery Kansas City Wow! I made it, I finally made it, and oh what a surprise to find a museum with Iconic Furniture pieces intermixed with a lot of European, Asian, Native American, Egyptian, and some strange...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I just purchased a custom made hickory vanity and made the mistake of having it stained an autumn oak. From the sample it didn't look orange. I have it home and it looks pumpkin orange!! What's the best and quickest way to strip this to its natural beauty and what kind of varnish should I use...
1-5 of 5 Results