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  1. Classic Antique Arm Chairs Restoration

    Classic Antique Arm Chairs Restoration A pair of arm chairs came to me to restore them back to their glory. The old coats of varnish was easily remove and sanded down to to bare wood. Did some glue ups and of loosen parts and touches. Past them trough a preservation treatment. Sand them again...
  2. Adirondack Arm Chair

    This is my latest Adirondack design. I wanted to make it different than the typical offset front and back legs attached to an armrest, and keep a flowing back support. After a few mock-ups and full boxes of kindling, this is the final chair. I always get friends of various shapes and sizes to...
  3. Comb-Back Windsor Chair

    Hello. This is my first (successful) comb-back windsor chair, but not my first windsor. The design is based upon Curtis Buchanan's chair and most of my education on windsor chairs were from his youtube series. The chair has a two piece white...
  4. Blogs
    Mission Dining Build #2 The Dining chairs are coming along nicely now, with corner braces in place, and a mock up seat cushion. We found some nice genuine leather today, that is the same color as the mock up.
  5. Blogs
    Video Series: Outdoor Arm Chairs and Side Table The past couple years in spring my benches have sold well. A few people asked me to make a video showing how to build them so I said sure and decided to make a video series. This series is for a slightly different design to make an arm chair and...
1-5 of 5 Results