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  1. Celtic Deverelle Candle Tray and Charms Set

    This is the second Celtic style candle tray and charm set that I have designed. I have been busy making Christmas gifts over the past couple of weeks and haven't really been doing much designing or at the saw, so I thought that I would do something that isn't too difficult and has a strong...
  2. Ornamental Bracket

    Brackets like these are very common in the New Orleans area. Typically a house would have 3-5 of them on the front facade. My team made eight of these for two separate houses. Each bracket has upwards of 30 or 40 separate pieces that we hand cut. The finial (the point on the end) for this...
  3. Fireplace Mantle

    We removed one of these mantles from a home and reproduced two more making all of the parts including the mouldings. Made from spanish cedar.
  4. Joinery
    Hey Guys This is a hard question to put into writing. I am building a big floor standing mirror with cove molding on top. This is the first time I have built something like this and has been going well…until I went to cut my molding. I cut the molding at 31 degrees and than needed to miter...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Having received a moisture meter for Christmas I was wondering if there is a way to validate the readings it is giving? My first thought was to take a piece of wood measure the moisture content with the meter then weigh it (I have a pretty good balance here so I think I can get a good measure...
1-5 of 5 Results