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  1. A small elegant Arbutus wood treasure box

    I got the idea for this box from an article by Gary Rogowski in FWW. Lap Joints, shaped sides and top are the hallmark of this project. The wood is arbutus from 2 different trees hence the difference in colour between the main box and the lid. The top knob is a drawer pull I had laying around...
  2. Fore

    We needed a new utensil 'caddy' for the kitchen. Made from from Madrone with birch plywood bottom, it has acrylic sides and aluminum upper protective guides. All joints courtesy Festool dominos. Finished with Odies oil.
  3. Mini Slalom Ski

    Novelty water ski built for our new grandson in a water skiing family. Made from solid arbutus with 3/16" key stock and rubber for the bindings. Finished with 2 coats of max clear epoxy. 40% scale of a Connelly hook ski.
  4. Turning fun

    My lastest turnings. Walnut bowl, birch bowl, apen pencill holder, Maple dyed bottle stopers and a couple arbutus bottle stoppers. Thanks for looking.
  5. Tools

    Marking Knife, Bird Cage Awl and Burnisher. I purchased this kit from Czeck Edge after seeing them on Matt's Basement Workshop. The handles were made from Arbutus and finished with some wax. The kit was very good and instructions were easy to follow. This was a fun project that I was able to...
  6. Blogs
    Tiny Home Made Plywood and Banding. I started this as a forum topic but the way it's going, it should have been a blog so I'm changing horses in mid stream. To bring things up to speed, I started out fooling around with the idea of thin plywood because I...
1-6 of 6 Results