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  1. Whitetail Antler Cartridge

    These are the chrome cartridge kits from with whitetail antler. The one on the right was drilled off-center so I could get a bit of the spongy center of the horn (filled with medium CA and antler dust) to show. My Father-in-law is a bug deer hunter, and one of these is for him...
  2. Christmas gifts - an excuse to break out the lathe again

    Started on some early Christmas gifts. The white pen is elk antler. And the one on the bottom is a razor.
  3. Bullet pens

    I've been really getting into turning lately but have been all but absent from LJ's. Nothing super special compared to other's pens but I'm still proud of them. I'm finding it's not about the project but the process when turning a pen. Everyone has a pen and they're cool but the process is what...
  4. Walnut Antler Mounting Plaque

    My neighbor gave me a piece of walnut from a tree that he cut down on his property. He's an avid hunter, so I thought it would be nice to make an antler mounting plaque for him. Piece was routed using a Shark CNC.
  5. Wood tools used for Antler carving

    This isn't truly woodworking but I did use the same tool set for these knife handles as for my wood carvings. I have a customer that is a flintknapper that specializes in replicating stone tools made by Native Americans, prehistoric Europeans creating lithic art and needed some 20 Elk and Deer...

    More Elk Antler Coyote Calls. I have refined the design a little and tried to make the mouth piece look like it grew right out of the antler. These are Bubinga and Cocobolo. I have burned my brand on to these, it can be seen on the shoulder of the call, it is a Bar Lazy U.
  7. Mountain Ash Walking Stick

    The found wood for this walking stick comes from a backyard mountian ash trimming. Often very usable wood is sitting close by but we don't always notice it. The handle is made from a elk antler , the first year elk grow straight antler , the antlers grow as 2 single spikes known locally as a '...
  8. Antlers on Wallstreet

    My first commisioned pen project. This is 3 chrome Wallstreets made with whitetail deer antler for a work mate who presenting these as family gifts. I also made a simple pen display sprayed with a stone faux paint and antler holder. Thanks for looking.
  9. deer antler pens

    These are turned from mule deer antler and finished with 12 coats of CA. This is part of an order that I got that is going to Japan.
  10. Razors

    Here are some razors made this week - One set is out of antler, Minnesota white tail - they have really nice color! One set is Acrylic and one is out of Bubinga. The Bubinga has several coats of CA to protect from water.
  11. A "Moses" Wood Spirit Carved Walnut Folk-Art Walking Cane with Deer Antler & Turquoise Handle

    ------------------------------ This cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Clements, Kansas USA Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a list of canes that I have built that are ready to ship...
  12. Found Wood Spruce + Antler Cane

    This found wood cane uses spruce [no insects this time] with the outer bark removed down to the inner bark. I gentily warmed the bark to raise the sap in beads on the surface. Then with a rubber glove rubbed the sap onto the surface . I'd like to think this adds to the colour but I could just be...
  13. Carved Elk Button ,Diamond Willow Hiker

    The Mountian Lion was carved into a spur on the elk button [what's a elk button ?] . There wasn't enough of the little spur to carve both sides of the face but I think I like the way it turned out better . When you turn the the stick you kind of discover the mountain lion hiding there. The elk...
  14. Fancy Cane #2

    A second go at turning and shaping a cane. The top 1/3 of the shaft and the handle where hand shaped ,the bottom of the shaft was turned. The walnut shaft is part of a garage sale find , I have only 2 pieces left now [rats]. I chose lace wood for the handle for it's dark colour to match the...
  15. Diamond Willow + Antler Tee Handle Cane #2

    I don't think this is really a true tee handle cane. I left enough antler at the rear of the handle so the whole hand can grasp the handle without needing to hook the index finger in front of the shaft. But I was hoping to keep the option open to still use this cane as a tee handle by leaving a...
  16. Custom Electric Bass Guitar Quilted Maple Figured Walnut Abalone Burl Cherry Mastodon Ivory Gold

    This is a custom four string electric bass guitar I built this past year. It is for sale, you can purchase by clicking here to go to my Etsy Store -------------------- -------------------- Project Story: more to come later….... Here is the first guitar I worked on with my neighbor...
  17. Diamond Willow + Antler Tee Handle Cane #3

    This tee handle cane uses diamond willow for the shaft and elk antler for the handle. Materials Wood - Diamond willow Handle - Elk tine Bottom - Brass tipped [rubber cap] Finish - Wipe-on Poly Thank you for your interest. Sold
  18. Diamond Willow / Antler Cane #7

    Materials --------- Handle - Elk Antler Wood Caps on Antler Handle - Apple Tree Wood [back yard find] Wedge - Lignum vitae Shaft - Diamond Willow Satin Poly Finish Thank You for your interest. -Everyday above ground is a good day.
  19. Berry Picking Stick W/ Antler + Diamond Willow

    Well have you ever been out picking Saskatoons berries or the like , and found a cluster of berries up high on a branch just out of reach ? You could make yourself a hiking stick along these these lines , that has a built in hook. Just take that hook and reach up and hook that branch, and bring...
  20. My latest pen

    Hybrid Cigar Style Double Twist Ballpoint Pen Black Titanium & Platinum Plating Deer Antler with Deer Decal and Glossy Acrylic Finish and Lava Bright Crush Camouflage Acrylic
1-20 of 178 Results