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  1. Woodcarving: Very low relief 1/8 deep carving and Antique Doors.

    In September of 2012 I was commissioned to carve on antique mahogany doors from big old house in Pennsylvania. House about 10000 sq. f. Age of those doors 100 years. from 1911. Doors were not solid mahogany they had only 1/8" panels on top of pine raised panel. So my WOODCARVING has to by only...
  2. Restored Antique Cedar Chest

    I found this little gem in Montgomery and bought it for $35. It had a water damaged lid. It looked like a wet magazine or book was left on top of it under a leak in the ceiling. The skirt was completely destroyed. I took the entire thing apart, which was a task. I was very fortunate that...
  3. Bar Reclaimed Pine

    This is not as exiting as the bookcase but I really love the look of the reclaimed old Pine and hemlock. Bar rail was made in shop out of oak. All solid beams on corners and ends of the bar and back upper section also, they have so much character on their own. Had to come up with a concealed...
  4. Shelf for antique sign

    I wanted to display the sign that s on my Dad's Motorola radio repair shop. The sign is probably over 70s old it so. He worked there before WWII, and ended up owning it in the 70s. I worked there in high school. I had looked at metal brackets, but thought it just spent look good enough. I...
  5. The taming of the table.

    Just a while back on here I asked advice about restoring my 100+ year old dining table that belonged to my 2x great grandmother. The table was put into storage after it had been used as a saw horse and had three skill saw cuts put into the top. Two cuts across grain and one with the grain...
  6. The transformation has begun!

    Here it is the final transformation to the golden and silvered surface has begun :) Will take a few weeks to complete the process. Will post the final result in May I think.
  7. File handle with brass ferrule

    Another file handle, this one a full inch in diameter. Bought some 1" ID brass tubing to go with my 1" diameter broom-stick. Hacksawed off a piece, bashed it around some with the 3# hand-maul, and then shined it up with the wire wheel on the bench grinder afterwards. Functional and prettier than...
  8. Refinished Piano Stool

    I got this off a guy on Craigslist for $75 a few months back. It was a present for my girlfriend. All of the glue in the leg joints had dried out and the legs were wobbly, and the entire thing was painted with thick, black paint - even the glass balls on the claw feet. The paint was all...
  9. circle jig for my Makita

    I fashioned Thien separator.But I had to make the holes for 110 mm diameter. So I was forced to make preparation for cutting small diameter circles.It works perfectly, just goes to cut the diameter from 80mm because also undertake the router base.
  10. Built-in Bookcase

    Replaced an existing small bookshelf with this built-in, full length bookcase.
  11. Ranch Rustic Antique Shotgun Wall Rack Display Osage Orange Fence Post Bull Hide Kansas Flint Hills

    Wall Mounted Display Rack for an Antique Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun, using antique Osage Orange Fence Posts from a Chase County Kansas Flint Hills Tall Grass Prairie Cattle Ranch. ------------------- Project Story This project was a commission to build a wall display rack for an antique...
  12. 1871 Estey Organ Desk...Upcycle Desk #1

    this started out as a barn fresh 1871 estey flat top reed/pump organ…after gutting the insides, the upcycle process began..after hours of remodeling and a half dozen coats of tung oil,this restoration is done..this one was sold to a gal in lubbock, texas…..
  13. 1890 Story and Clark Organ Desk...Upcycle Organ Desk #2

    this started as an 1890 Story and Clark reed organ….oak…laminate top…..4 drawers with "false" bottoms…led accent lighting….ceramic stop pulls drawer knobs….
  14. 1959 Baldwin Organ Desk......Upcycled Organ Desk #3

    started as an ordinary 1959 Baldwin organ that was being given away…after gutting and remodeling…a laminate top was added, drawers built, a black lacquer applied, distressed and glazed…led accent lighting…brass knobs…boxes built where speakers were for storage, baskets whatever….a cool result...
  15. 1800's Kimball Organ Desk......Upcycled Organ Desk #4

    the first organ from the catholic church in long prairie, mn….it was in real tough shape….but great looking oak….rebuild included a desk top made from a lower panel from an early winshir piano….led light…..6 felt bottomed drawers…multiple coats of hand rubbed oil….cool vintage piece..
  16. Custom XL Sliding Barn Door

    Here's a massive sliding barn door I recently made for a customer. This thing weighs about 400-500 lbs. and is made of steel, birch plywood, and grey hemlock siding from our lot. It measures 64" wide and 105" tall and slides over into a recess the customer had built into the room. We sprayed the...
  17. clock

    well been back in shop been awhile. but i started on my christmas presents.this is for a man who is like a father to me. made out of oak and walnut got plans off line just made a few changes was pretty fun to build learned some new tricks and got to modify my new router table have 2 more sold...
  18. Reclaimed Wide Plank Heart Pine Barn Wood Flooring

    I milled this floor from our reclaimed "Granary Boards". Most of this wood came from barns in Pennsylvania that were 150-300 years old. I ran the rough boards through the planer and wide belt sander, then ripped it to the correct widths. Then I ran them all through the shaper with a flooring...
  19. Contemporary Reclaimed Barn Wood Side Table

    This contemporary table was one I built for fun. It's made from a reclaimed white oak "door buck" (threshold) from a stack we have at the yard. It's 3" thick and 24"x24". The cube is a 24"x24"x24" steel frame I welded and then had chrome dipped. It's a very simple design. I like having all the...
1-20 of 403 Results