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  1. spalted oak dinnett table

    this is a small table i made for a friend who was coming by for a visit today, he's from Utah . the table top is splatted oak and the apron and legs are antique southern heart pine, its all done with mortise and tenon joinery and pegged with walnut dowel…with 4 coats of poly on the top, it was a...
  2. Modern Grandfather Clock

    This clock is made from reclaimed Long Leaf Heart Pine . It is constructed from approximately 100 bf of wood with solid steel, salvaged casters. A rich crimson, cabernet finish is applied to this exclusive & beautifully designed piece. For the back of this piece, contrasting colors are applied...
  3. The Bunker

    The Bunker: Bunk Beds built from Antique Heart Pine reclaimed from the cotton warehouses at the Mt. Vernon Mill in Tallasee, AL (circa 1896) | Bottom Bunk Bed consists of two headboards & Top Bunk Bed consists of two footboards allowing the Bunk to be converted into two regular queen size beds |...
  4. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

    I made this for a customer last week, the lid opens up for storage. These whiskey/bourbon barrels are fresh from Kentucky so there is still a pretty sweet smell when you open the lid. Thanks and Enjoy, Corey in SC visit my website:
  5. Plain ole wood pen

    I've been doing a bunch of pens and things that haven't been worth posting, but I felt this pen would be enjoyed by those who appreciate wood for what it can do by itself. I left the images large so you can enjoy the details nearly as much as I do. All comments and criticisms welcome. Gary
  6. Chevron Platform Bed

    This is our Chevron Platform Bed. It is made from Antique Heart Pine reclaimed from the warehouses of the Mt. Vernon Mill, circa 1896, that was located in Tallassee, AL. This bed does not require box springs, only a mattress. This is a queen size bed.
  7. ready for a young boys play

    this is a project for a young boy who will soon be living in alaska, ive made him a truck…a trailer with a tilting tail gate and a float plane modeled after a dehaveland beaver, a work horse of a plane up there…so all three are done..there all made from antique southern heart pine, oak, walnut ...
  8. Manlier than the Manliest Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table Ever...Jack Daniels style!

    I started with a genuine Jack Daniels whiskey barrel on this one. I used some antique heart pine for the top and legs, I even sawed one of the pegs in half and is featured in the top. In the begining of this project I visioned an old heart pine floor that you would find in a old time hardware...
  9. office desk

    i made this desk sevreal years ago for our office, its made with antique heart pine with walnut accents, the draw pulls are oak twig, i like to use what nature provides in my furniture, the drawers are on oak slides.
  10. bedside tables

    these bedside tables i made about 5 years ago, they are antique heart pine, all jointery is mortise and tenon and pegged with walnut, its hase a tounge oil finsih with polyurathane on the tops.
  11. dresser

    this is the first peice of furniture i made in my new shop, we had just finished building our home and i needed a dresser, its made of antique heart pine with curly heart pine drawer fronts…some of this wood had a white wash on it when we salvaged it, and when i came across the drawer fronts and...
  12. picnic table

    well i think its obvious that this is a picnic table, its solid antique heart pine, and believe me it takes 4 to five men to move this has to weight all of 300 pounds…needless to say if taken care of by future posterity, this table will be around for awhile…it is one of the nicest...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm really thinking a mini circular saw would be a handy tool for sheet stock cutting. So the big question.. Which is the better tool: Rockwell Versacut or Dremel Saw Max? Anyone have experience with these tools?
  14. Hand Tools
    what are some brands I should peruse when searching for good planes and chisels? As in the best for their value? I bit the bullet on my block and bought a LN, low angle bronze. It's extremely nice. Now, I am looking for a low angle jack plane, a shoulder plane, a router plane, etc. I really...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I recently installed milled 3×9 Norway log siding on my home in northern Minnesota, never again…. The logs were supposedly kiln dried, but the sap is profusely bleeding from them, is this normal? I would think not, else why would anyone install this on their home as siding? Is there anything I...
1-15 of 15 Results