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  1. heres just another tree owl

    Thought I would try and finish off some of the pictures I had drawn on different pieces of wood and heres another one of the owls. Hope you all enjoy it. Jim
  2. toy animal train

    Made this for a soon to be new mom. Various woods include walnut, cedar, pine, ash, sycamore, and wheels are oak. I even concurred the wheels using simple table saw jig first with blade then with sanding disc. I rounded the edges of each wheel and made a small inner hub using a lathe. The...
  3. Clay project-squirrel

    I made for my sister out of clay. Since she's always complaining about them eating all her bird seed and it's a never ending battle when you have one large tree where you feed the birds! LOL Clay is a bit differant to paint but I enjoyed doing him and can't wait to give it to my sister.
  4. Dolphins

    My friend that has been running off some patterns for me Loves Dolphins, so I thought I would burn a few off for the time and friendship we have become to share for her. Hope she Likes these.
  5. more Dolphins any one

    Another set of Dolphins for my good friends.
  6. A pair of Owls in Black and White

    I seen this and wanted to try it. It came off in black and white and I want to try it that way. Hope ypou all enjoy them. Your LJ Friend...
  7. cheata for my Nana

    Heres another one I chose to burn and I hope you all enjoy.
  8. unicorn ll

    heres one that was just nehing for me to burn. LOL hope you all enjoy it. Zac
  9. the Christmas...of the lathe (duh duh duuuuuuhhhh)

    Two Christmas's ago I finally got my lathe up and working that I inherited from my grandfather. My wife and her sisters decided that we would all make stuff that the all the kids (ours and their cousins) can come through and pick out to gift to each other. I turned harry potter wands galore...
  10. one on top and Bottom, PIGS everywhere

    y Son has been trying to get me to do a burning of a pig for his wife. She collects them and he wanted one so here is what I have come up with. Hope you all enjoy them
  11. the true King of the jungle

    I started this one about a month ago. everyone ask how long does it take to complete a burning. well some I can do in a day some I work on over a period of time. this one proved to be quite the one that really challenged me Hope you all enjoy it.
  12. Intarsia Butterfly-Tiger

    This is a project that made for my son's girlfriend for valentines day. It was a fun one to make because I could use my imagination a little. The piece was made out of wenge, yellow heart, cherry, aspen, ebony, mohogany, and walnut. Thanks for looking.
  13. Pull toys for Nephew's daughters 1st birthday and a Flash Gordon rocket box

    My first foray into pull toys, but I had so much fun that I think I will do more - maybe for Ebay. I was browsing Google Images for some ideas and saw the cow and elephant with the ball in the middle and I thought the motion of the ball rolling might be a little more attention getting for a 1...
  14. Scaled 1/96 Noahs Ark Model

    NOAHS ARK This model of Noahs Ark was built in feet according to the dimensions given in the Bible (6:15-16). The Scale of this Ark model is 1/96 (1/8=1') which would make this model 56 1/4" long x 9 3/8" wide x 5 5/8" high. There is 4 different types of wood used on the model. The dark wood on...
  15. #6 High country mustang series

    this is #6 of my high country mustang series. the last one of this series. enjoy. it is done on a cabinet door. colored with chalk, acrylics and oil pastels and colored pencils
  16. jakey's dogs

    these are two pets of a friend of mine. susie has passed on and brindle was her buddie most of her life. enjoy.
  17. draft horse #1 of series

    this is burned on a maple cabinet door. and colored with acrylics, chalk and colored pencils. it is the first in my draft horse series. enjoy
  18. Owl Pyro - Beginning

    Here is the start of an owl burning I am doing. Started this on the weekend while at a art show /craft sale doing woodburning demos. I will post the finished project when I get it done.
  19. the white buffalo

    this is carved in buckeye wood, arrow is mahonany. feathers are woodburned and painted in basswood. i like buffalos and the story of the white buffalo is alwaysinteresting. and they are a big part of the native american history.
  20. GRiffon

    this is carved in basswood ,all one piece and colored with acrylics. is one of my favorite mythical animals.
21-40 of 83 Results