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  1. Small Coffee Table or Step Stool

    I made this out of poplar, its a small coffee table used to sit next to my bean bag, it could also be used as a stepping stool i jumped on it a few times to make sure it was strong. This is a nice simple project you can make in an afternoon. The legs are cut with a 10 degree bevel on the table...
  2. Christmas Presents 2 - Wine Bottle Balancers

    I decided to make a few of the popular wine bottle balancers as Christmas gifts. Once I had the dimensions figured out, I realized it would be easy to make a large batch of these at once, so I made 12 total. I started from dimensions I found online, then tweaked it until I was satisfied. The...
  3. Walnut tool handle

    Ok this tool is made of a steel rod and walnut handle turned on my lathe. Me and my neighbors insulated our garage doors for the winter. Typically your supposed to add tension to your garage spring to keep everything in check with garage door opener. So my neighbor had a steel rod he ground down...
  4. Vesper Inspired Awl

    I have always loved the design of the Vesper Cohen Awl, so I decided to make something very similar. It is made from hard rock maple, a brass plumbing fitting, and a short piece of O1 hss drill rod. I finished it with four coats of Shellac and some furniture paste wax.
  5. Walnut slice table

    I wanted to challenge myself with something other than 45 or 90 degrees. This was fun and used some extra wood, freeing up space. A win-win and a win for my mom, since it's for her. I'm not sure what the legs are, but guessing Sapele. Doweled construction, finished with Danish Oil.
  6. Stool

    I made this stool and some benches in the same style for extra seats for a party. Not so hard to make, but I learned a lot about angles and I found out that I need better jigs next time.
  7. Angled Suite | Custom

    This is a bed that was built a long time ago. It is from the kids furniture. I started with the storage bed headboard and designed everything else from there. The angle concept of the headboard was transferred to the chest and desk pedestal. If I remember correctly, the customer choose the...
  8. Cherry and Ash Blanket Chest

    This project was featured in the January 2009 Fine Woodworking magazine, It features 1" thick wood throughout, so the finished chest has some heft to it. One change I made (and that I would recommend) is to add a safety latch that controls the lid movement and prevents it from dropping down on...
  9. Taper guide with a twist

    I recently looked at a Rockler catalog, and really liked their taper jig design. Then I got to thinking I could improve on the design a bit, by adding a second (shorter) clamp that would all me to twist the stock more for those nasty angles that scare the daylights out of me on my chop saw. I...
  10. utucuru plate on the making

    Well this are the plates my student and myself are turning this week utucuru wood 20" and very wet also,dry is a real trouble to turn,plus the size for a woman is intimidating,believme,lol see this video of adina in accion- thanks for waching ED
  11. A Chisel and Plane Iron Angle Gauge for $0.00

    When I saw this new tool I felt challenged to make my own. It will be fun to use when sharpening my tools. And a $45 saving ! Few pieces of 1/2" MDF and it was done in no time (few tests though). Find more photos and all construction details on this page of my blog. Thanks for looking. Best...
  12. Rustic Industrial Desk

    I wanted a piece to build and learn on as I went. I wanted to break out of my norm of safe and clean lined. I chose to use Alder and use some of the techniques for creating a worn or reclaimed look to the wood. Using my angle grinder and wire cup, I went with the grain to create that...
  13. Tumbling block cutting board

    I originally found this block as a kitchen island in a wood working magazine we sell at work and I got to thinking about doing it myself. I knew the level of detail was more than anything I had done before but I was determined to see this through. I chose maple, mahogany, and walnut for my 3...
  14. Pomelle Bubinga Bowl

    This is my 10th bowl, I turned it out of Pomelle Bubinga and it is approx. 8in diameter and 1.75in tall. it is very thin in the center, not so thin its in danger of breaking but there is a definite sound difference when tapping the center. Thanks for looking and for any an all comments...
  15. Kitchen Work Table

    This kitchen work table is a commission. It measures 54" long, 24" wide, and 38 1/2" high. The top is 1 1/2" thick and the legs are 3" square. The dimensions were specified by the client. I added the carving, chamfer on the legs and a 3/8" bead on the aprons. Two 3/8" hanger bolts at the inside...
  16. Rustic Gate

    Did a gate out of pine 2×6 Lots of routing but turned out nice, Short video at
  17. Two Step Stool

    Small step stool made from an used bookcase with display shelves. The display shelves were not wanted on the bookcase so they were removed and used for this.
  18. Drill Press Tilting Sub-table

    I had this jig in mind for a long time. I saw one similar in a woodworking magazine or a book years ago. It's finally done. It'll be handy to drill in dowels or round stock, drill pocket holes at the perfect 15° angle, hold workpieces vertically when drilling for mortises and many more...
  19. Reclaimed Grey Barn Siding Sliding Door

    Here's a nice looking grey siding covered sliding barn door we did. This wood came from Iowa. This cool door covers the entry to a pantry and uses our 8″ v groove wheel hardware. I love this oversized hardware. It glides so smooth. I used the new style black phenolic door guide I recently...
  20. Plywood bench seat

    Bult this out of 3/4 ash ply. Sorry about the pic. Rotate it
1-20 of 79 Results