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  1. Getting Ready for my Winter Show

    So i was accepted into my first craft show (first time applying, it was a juried show and i got in). So my plan is to make around 100 intarsia ornaments for this show… Not to mention a couple of kaleidoscopes, a few cutting boards, 8 photo frames, some wine stoppers, and a few bandsaw boxes...
  2. Mantel clock w/angel cnc pattern carving

    Finally put many of my lessons learned to practice. This is my latest clock. Gift for my mom. It has an angel carved pattern with an ornamental rosette embellishments on the top plate. The sides have a carved rose vine pattern. Installed an electronic clock mechanism with Westminster chimes...
  3. Angel's Bowl

    She is My Angel age 10 Month This bowl is Made in Acacia wood 15 Inch diameter 6 Inch Height Design By Bharat Variya
  4. A Choir of Angels

    BACK IN 2008!!! I got the idea for these Angels from If you look at the posting, you will see that I made a comment that I wanted to make some for the ladies were I worked at the time. Well, I finally got around to doing them this fall, only EIGIHT years...
  5. Older project pics - small bowls and cups

    Older project pics - small bowls and cups the grey looking wood o one small cup came from a huge oak in my yard. When I was splitting logs I noticed these dark blue areas of the wood, streaks and patches of blue. I saved some and turned it and when polished it looks quite grey and lost most...
  6. Pecan Angel

    Made this for my Mom for Christmas. The body is pecan and the wings are sugar maple. Inspiration from a Carl Jacobson youtube video. And it was fun to do. Have about 6 more to make.
  7. Angel carved small pendulum clock

    Adding to the collection of clocks. This clock was requested by my wife. It is cnc carved but the patterns were all designed and crafted by me. Its only taken me about 4 years to learn 3d modeling to accomplish this. It is a steep learning curve but once you are past the rope and ladder part it...
  8. Intarsia Angel

    Hello to all and I hope everyone had a great holiday, I finished this one recently and it was a challenge from beginning to end. I have seen this pattern before but there were some things I wanted to change. I made my own pattern and made the changes that I wanted. Being my own worst enemy...
  9. Kneeling angels

    Recently completed two kneeling angels. The design was taken from one that the customer already possessed. Carved from pine and lightly stained as the customer didn't want them yellow of the pine once sealed. They are approximately 15cm high and sealed with wax, because I was worried that it is...
  10. Angel Whirligig

    This Angel Whirligig was my 11-year-old daughter's idea and it was her entry for the 2014 Whirligig Wars contest. She wanted to make a whirligig version of mom's Willow Tree Angel of Hope figurine. When the wind blows, the angel lifts up her lantern. It's made from solid pine, except for the...
  11. 2 Angels

    These are 2 Angels that I cut and finished over the past several days. They are basically the same pattern with various designs on the wings. Also, I painted on while the other just got a natural finish. The difference there is, the natural finish takes about four (4) minutes while that painting...
  12. Angel Tree Ornaments

    I turned these the other night just out of a scrap piece of 2×4 laying around. I finished them with polyurethane.
  13. Engel aus alter Eiche

    Hi, I need a present for xmas 2014. I decide to build a lamp with led and old oak for my mum. First I keep a old oak beam and go by an building center to buy leds. The problem the led´s was tooo small for the beam. And so I find the angels and integrate they.. At last, I try to grave an...
  14. Dress Walking Cane: Mexican Bocote, Elk Antler, Silver, & Elephant Ivory with Inlays

    -------------------------------- This Walking Cane was a commissioned piece, so it has been "SOLD" Cane Serial Number #2008-35 Height: 35.375 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a...
  15. Oak clocks with scrolled images

    I make oak clocks with scrolled images that I draw. Some of the images are enhanced with color like the dradon and angel clock. The color behind the images are skyscene photos I have taken. I route all the edges and some are stained a darker color to appear as a fram. An example of this is the...
  16. Scrollsawn Angel cut in Mirrored Acrylic

    This Angel was scrollsawn while sandwiched between 2 pieces of hardboard (protective paper left on the acrylic). (the dark areas are just reflections of things in the room). I started this for my wife's birthday…and finished it in time for Mother's Day.
  17. Christmas Ornaments 1 of ??

    Here are 3 of my Christmas Ornaments, unfortunately, I can't post more then that at a time, so I have to do a Series of Ornaments for you to see what I've done. Tech Specs: Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood, Walnut Time: About 1/2 Hr Per Difficulty: Beginner Blades: FD-TC #1-#5 Enjoy Handi
  18. Angel

    Original design by Don Lang, Page 62 of Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine #77. Mine also stands about 7 inches tall, is basswood and painted with acrylics. I modified Don's design slightly to give the Angel a gold halo. Made for a friend… Claude
  19. Woodturning
    Hello. I have a craftsman professional 351.217150 lathe. I got it home and turned it on. Noticed some issues with rpm. Opened the headstock housing and ball bearings went everywhere. I replaced the link and bearing on the transmission axel shaft. Have a new drive belt coming tomorrow as it was...
  20. Blogs
    Beginning this Blog I recently was referred to this site by Steve Good, who has a wonderful, comprehensive scroll saw forum and blog page. Although I have been doing woodworking for almost fifteen years, I have finally reached a point in my life where I am able to make it the main focus of my...
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1-20 of 23 Results