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  1. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadowbox I made for a retiring Master Sergeant.
  2. Eagle, Globe and Anchor display

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor display I built for a retiring Marine.
  3. Soecail Navy achor

    This is an anchor that I made for my daughter's basic training graduation. The body is made up of yellow pine with Red Oak pins holding the Red Cedar spikes in place. I used Purple Heart for the cross member and topped it with a Soft Maple ring. My wife came up with the idea of building an...
  4. Earrings "Anchor"

    A gift to a good friend. Old style arrings - made like real old anchors. Cedar, beeswax. Jewerly wire. Also, new aging tree, ready for the next my work. All natural. Everything new wood!
  5. ARRR The Pirate Ship | Custom

    This is a pirate ship bed that was custom made for an Interior Designer. Their client for this bed is a PGA golfer. It is a full size and I built another one similar to this one back in 2007. This one the designer made some modifications. We added a mast with crows nest, steering wheel...
  6. Floating Record Player or turntable Mounts/Platforms in DJ format

    Just another-"Necessity is the mother of…."-thing. My studio/apartment in NYC is low on space so I figured my Technics would get more use if they were floating on the wall, rather, than if in storage. Stand- by for my twist on the Murphy Bed. The surfaces are ply. Structure is mild steel...
  7. Anchor cheese and cracker board

    Hi all. Was able to get some new products done. You can also see my other products on my facebook site Maple Hill Woodworking. An anchor cheese and cracker board made from cherry. Cost for this item is 45.00 and measures about 18×14.
  8. USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC EGA for a retiring Marine. All individual pieces cut out, routered, sanded, and glued back together. Made mostly of pine with some walnut for the anchor tips and ring.
  9. Custom Folding Knife: Elk Antler Handle, Turquoise Stone, Abalone, Natutical Scrimshaw Artwork

    This knife was a commissioned piece to be given to the Best-Man for his part in a wedding in California this weekend, and so it has been "SOLD" If you are surfing for a custom folding knife, visit this link to see one that is ready for shipment. for more information, please email me: email...
  10. Bomb plaque (2)

    Bomb plaque I made for a marine who was getting out. She wanted a pin up on it, and she had red hair herself so I figured Jessica rabbit would be nice. Everything is done with a mini router. No stencils, I just draw everything on and blast some music and get lost until I'm done. I had to draw on...
  11. Anchors Aweigh

    Anchors Aweigh, Brazilian Cherry and Maple box with carved walnut anchor. This box was made especially to sell at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, here in Winona, MN….and it went immediately. It features curved sides and maple corner and lift-tab detail, and the lid is hinged with hidden...
  12. New Foreman On The Job

    I haven't posted in a while and this may very well be "overkill" but I wanted a semi-permanent spot for my Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine. There are also times when I wanted more bench surface. This seemed to fit both purposes. The center of the bench will accommodate the Foreman and it can be...
  13. US Navy Anchor

    I made this as a gift for a Navy Veteran. It was awesome practice with my scroll saw as well as finishing techniques. It measures roughly 10"x18". The anchor is made from an old pine 1×12 and rounded with a 1/4" roundover bit. The USN is made from some newer pine to give it some contrast...
  14. Wine glass-bottle holder - Navy Style

    A very dear friend asked for something special for her husband (another very close friend) for Christmas … Since he and I were in the Navy together and have stayed close over ALL these years. She wanted something to remind him of those times … Hope you enjoy it!
  15. F18 shadow box

    This is my first contracted job, and it was for a retiring Navy Chief. He didn't want the typical shadow box, instead he wanted something unique that nobody has. He told me that he wanted an f18 silhouette on top of an anchor and this is what I came up with. It was a huge hit at his retirement...
  16. Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor that I built for a Marine. Very happy with the way that it turned out.
  17. Dad's 80th birthday present

    I wanted to make him something special to know how proud I am of his service to our country!! Love you pops!!!
  18. Pirate Ship Anchor

    Did you know that pirates had ceremonial anchors for special occasions? Neither did I! I had 20 minutes to crank out a silver anchor this morning before running off to a meeting… kids :-) LOL Not fine woodworking, but they needed it for their Jolly Roger. This hopefully completes the Pirate...
  19. Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box that I was commissioned to build.
  20. Woodturning
    Just "learned" how to use a lathe. Spent the week end practicing by making wine bottle stoppers. ( have a long way to go ) Does anyone know of a source for the tips? I can't afford WC retail prices. The list of "I want one" is growing.
1-20 of 22 Results