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  1. Custom Spalted Hard Maple amp cabinet for a Fishman Loudbox Mini

    This latest guitar amplifier project started off as a limited edition (cream w/black face) Fishman Loudbox Mini Pro - which I got a killer deal on because part of what made it a limited edition - the cream tolex, was completely trashed. So I whipped out this amazing piece of spalted hard maple...
  2. iPhone passive amp

    Passive Iphone amp made w/ sapele. Had to use the phone to take the picture so no picture w/ phone in place. Seems to work pretty good, it will come in handy in the shop.
  3. Bass guitar speaker cabinet

    Built a speaker cabinet from an old speaker that my friend gave me. I just deiced to get into playing bass a few months ago and the practice amp that came with it was pretty bad. It's not completely finished. I need to paint it or cover it with tolex or something. But I didn't want to put the...
  4. First Cabinets

    My first attempt at dovetails on my first 2 cabinets.
  5. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Copy in Pine

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Copy in Pine Second Cabinet (pine) built to replace original Fender Cabinet. (plywood or particle board)
  6. Cabinet for Bluetron Amps

    My first Cabinet for Bluetron Amps. Check out their site at
  7. Latch - playing guitar
  8. Fender Blues Jr Guitar Amp Gets Dovetailed Upgrade

    As a luthier I have traditionally stuck to building instruments, however I have wanted to build a guitar amp for a while. I thought the best place to start was with a woodworking project, since this is where my expertise is. I gutted a used Fender Blues Jr and built a new case to the same spec...
  9. 212 Guitar Cabinet

    I've recently began building custom Guitar Speaker Cabinets. The customer wanted this one to be lightweight so I went with 1/2 in baltic birch plywood. The color is a custom blended "Dark Chestnut" that has been "aged" with the help of a random orbit sander, then finished off with BLO and...
  10. More pictures of the reception desk

    Here are more pictures of the desk.
  11. Cigar Box Guitar & Amp

    This is my first cigar box guitar and amp. This project was a blast to build. My son in law is an excellent guitarist and I built it for him. I learned a lot about guitars in the process. I made my own bridge and saddle, learned how to file the nut, fret the neck, how to tune a guitar and make...
  12. 5 Watt mini guitar amp

    Here is the guitar amplifier I made for my boy to go with his guitar I built him. Normally called a cigar box amp, I found the fully soldered wiring harness on Ebay. Just search cigar box amp kit. The box is from Michales. The speakers I had in a box in the garage from my Yugo. Yes my...
  13. Portable 5-Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier

    This is a simple 5-watt portable practice amp that runs on two 9v batteries. The cabinet is red oak with pine for the faceplate and trim. It's finished off with a leather carry handle and tweed grill cloth. The labels are printed directly on the wood. It's simple, but rugged.
  14. Steam Bent Retro Guitar Amp

    This was my first foray into steam bending wood - so of course the first thing I had to build was a steam box, and then a make-shift bending rig. Once I had the top and bottom formed, the rest went together fairly easily. The amp is made from 1/2" red oak, with 1/4" oak-veneer ply for the front...
  15. Retro Philco Inspired Walnut and Flamed Maple Guitar Amplifier

    I had been wanting to build a retro style amp to go with my Epiphone Emperor hollowbody jazz guitar, and I came across this old Philco table-top radio and got inspired… This one was a little tricky, and had more math involved than I typically like to do with all of the angles, but it turned out...
  16. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm going to build a desk accessory for three family members based around a passive smart phone amplifier. My only problem is how big to make the slot for the smart phone? I don't own one and I don't even know which one(s) the future recipients have. Is there an average or standard size to...
  17. Marketplace Classifieds
    Looking at getting a bandsaw on Monday. King KC-1401HD ($399) 110v 7.5 amps King KC-1433FX ($599) 110v 10 amp or 220v 5 amp Im leaning towards the 1433 as it appears to have a larger motor...
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi all! Just joined however have been navigating these forums for a while. Great advice and suggestions from everyone. Solely evaluating a saw's amperage-is it better to have a hybrid saw at 13 amps versus a portable saw at 15 amps? Just getting into wood working and intend to be more of a...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Seems this is a constant subject of debate here on LJ. I thought I would add a little to what I posted on a motor thread and post it with a lot of search tags. I have been doing mostly motor and control work for 43 years. I don't know much about plugs & lighting and really don't much care...
1-19 of 19 Results