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  1. Two walnut bowls

    Two bowls from some walnut here at home. These are the third and fourth bowls I have successfully turned so far.
  2. Ole Smokey

    This is actually American walnut that was smoked on its edges for a rustic looking bentwood ring. This was a fun and new process for my bentwood rings and I was quickly reminded that wood does actually burn easily. :) Do ya'll (yes, Texas) like the look? I wonder how other woods would...
  3. Walnut Entertainment Unit

    This is an entertainment unit I made for myself, we just got a new tv and I couldn't bear the thought of it having to rest on the old entertainment unit I made years ago… plus I wanted an excuse to make something cool. We ended up wall mounting the tv and hiding the wires in the wall, I decided...
  4. Walnut Mirror

    When we were buying our new house last year we found ourselves in a lot of furniture and appliance stores. While in one of them, I found a mirror that looked somewhat similar to this (it was squares of mirror and wood rather than rectangles like I made) they wanted $250 for it and it was marked...
  5. Few more end grain chopping boards

    Just a few more chopping boards that I've knocked out recently… I 've managed to vastly decrease the processing time due to finishing it off on the planer/thicknesser rather than sanding it down after final glue up. With just a fraction of a mm taken off with each pass there is barely any chip...
  6. Old Friends Intarsia Wall-Hanging/Carving

    This was a fun one to make because I love to add real life things into my projects to make them look more real. Using some old rusty chains, hooks, some old rope with the the fence made from our old deck we tore down last year. I did not sand or do anything to the old deck to make it look like...
  7. Computer desk

    Computer desk: - American Walnut - Maple - Macassar Ebony Base material: MDF 18mm (topan) Work In Progress… - Frank Peter Boer Frank Peter Design™ NL
  8. living room table

    Hi, This is my 1st posting here (and my 3rd wood working project so far). I used American walnut. The dimensions are 105×105x40cm. The joinery is mainly using biscuits. I finished by spraying polyurethane shellac with 15% shine. Regards, Avihai.
  9. Woodturning
    with so many options out there I figure it best to get opinions from experienced folk. I want a good tool rest for doing bowl so I can do a good continuous cut on bowls. I do mostly bowls around 9-15" range and usually not much more than 6" deep. I am considering a robust rest but only want to...
  10. Hand Tools
    Hello, I picked up this rebate/dado plane at the local flea market a few weekends ago. After some research, I believe it is Dutch. there is no stamp on the heel or toe, but the iron is marked I P HB where the H and the B are ligatured together. So my quandry is this… since I haven't seen...
  11. Wood & Lumber
    I noticed these 2 boxes of walnut on eBay. By my calculations , with shipping, the cost is $8.59 and $6.49 /bdft respectively. Why not just go to the lumber store and get what you need if you are paying that much? Just curious?
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Guys i just got this e-mail from a friend thought you might like to see it and get your opinion Recently, British Royal Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees, and to request that they send some of it to the troops there...
1-12 of 12 Results