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  1. American Flag Coffee Table

    I found some maple walnut and cherry scraps to I made this. I'm a beginner so go easy on me.
  2. Nurse flag

    I cut this flag using my scroll saw. I used poplar wood and really enjoyed this project.
  3. American Flag

    I finished 4 of these flags in two days. One to keep, one for my mother, and 2 for an auction at my in-laws family picnic. I cut the wood out for 12 of them although I only painted and finished the 4. I ran out of time. The painting process took forever. The 'stripes' are 4" x 1/4" x 6' long...
  4. 2nd American Flag bench

    Another American flag bench done. It went a lot smoother the second time. Learned a lot from the first one. Still lots of room for improvement. Loving this new hobby. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when building this with your own hands.
  5. September 11 Tribute Flag

    So this was a heavy build, both literally and figuratively. Literally because it weighs about 30 pounds and will need a thick screw to hold it on the wall. Figuratively because… The Heavy: I have lived my entire life in Queens, NY. I was in college in 2001 in Brooklyn. From the roof of my...
  6. Eagle and avalanche

    I cut this eagle with my delta scroll saw. It was 70ish pieces. Measures roughly 22"×18". Cut from baltic birch ply and birch ply. Spray painted and some hand painting. The avalanche logo was 16 pieces with a toothpick pictured in the center to show sizing.
  7. Articulated dump truck

    This truck is like the big dirt contractors are going to. If you like to do woodiworking with a lot of miters and angles, this is the one for you, I never counted them but there are more than enough. Each wheel has 72 slots to make the thread.this truck is made of walnut,soft maple, hard...
  8. End tables in time for Christmas

    The wife Rhoda wanted end tables for Christmas (with round corners)...American Walnut with Maple inlays…I just finished these tables, well not really, the other one is still in the paint room drying after a little touch up, but it looks the same as this one. They are 22"x25"x23" with Blum motion...
  9. Cypress Bar for Sun Porch

    This is a Bar that I built for a customer a while back out of Cypress.
  10. Taught my brother how to make pens... I created a monster

    my brother bought a house and wanted a hobby, so i taught him to make pens
  11. America Cabinet, Gun Storage

    I have been seeing these online (usually just painted plywood) and figured that maybe I could make a better one for myself. All is reclaimed/recycled hardwood pallet lumber, only the hardware is new. The paint was thinned acrylic so it would act more like a stain than paint. Then I sanded it...
  12. The most American thing you will see all day

    This is a silhouette of an f-18 hornet, and it's about 35" tall nose to tail. It's hard maple, walnut and sepele. I got the idea from a picture I saw online and made it happen! It should hang nicely in my living room on the wall. Any questions, please ask!
  13. Wood-burning Eagle and Flag

    Shading each feather from light to dark took FOREVER!!
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I posted this in response to a post regarding a Harbor Freight Framing Nailer by a fellow Lumberjock. Wanted to share it… I am a contractor and I have the same nailer, have used it almost daily for two years. It's a work horse and it still gets the job done. Bought it when I was just...
  15. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
  16. Blogs
    Lee Nielsen I have just returned from four weeks in the US and had a great time. While I was there I bought some tools and went to a few places. One of those was the Lee Nielsen factory in Maine. Maine is spectacular and worth a trip there for the scenery and the lovely villages. I stayed...
  17. Blogs
    Turning a very old rusted bench into a patriotic showpiece I picked this bench up off Craigslist for $10 wood was to far gone to save. Plan is to sandblast ends repaint them silver and do an American flag themed bench.
  18. Blogs
    A Future Toy Maker in Thailand? Ok, it's Saturday, and my son, who is eight (8) years old, is riding with me in the "Ole-Girl" pickup truck (1972 GMC Sierra) as we travel together on the way to somewhere. He is talking pretty much non-stop, excitedly going through his backpack showing me all...
  19. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    2012 NRA Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum - Newt Gingrich IMHO, I think his comments on "The Right to Bear Arms" is Right On… for the Planet… not just America.
  20. Focus on the Workspace
    I've finally tried out Sketchup. My results aren't great, but I managed to measure out and draw our garage, aka my workshop. With the new shed complete, I'm going to be able to move much of the seasonal stuff out to the shed, giving me more room in the garage. Behind where the figure is...
1-20 of 21 Results