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  1. Emergency Vehicles

    This little set was a Christmas gift for my little nephew. He has a few other cars like this, and so I thought that he might need a little emergency response ability for his growing town. :) These were alot of fun to do, and I hope to make more of them in the future.
  2. A new batch of "chubbies"

    Here is a batch of cars made the other weekend for our kids to play with. A few of them went home with nephews, but these are the ones that have found a happy home here in our living room toybox. I really love this style, and keep making more and more of them. At least the kids in the family...
  3. Grandpa, I need an ambulance!

    This is made of scrap lumber I had around. Pine and or Hem/Fir. I got a box of hardwood wheels off eBay for next to nothing. Notice the plan has a detail showing the doors opening. I felt small hinges and short screws would not last long under the normal use applied by 6 and 8 year olds.;-)...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    I'm building some end-grain cutting boards (3 total) for family for Christmas, and need to run them through a drum sander after the 2nd glue-up. I need a drum sander that's at least 12" wide. I've done enough research to know that running them through my planer is risky. I know lots say it...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Church Dinner A group of friends from the Cottonwood Church wanted to get together on a regular basis, socialize, and play games. The lady of the house was to prepare the meal. When it came time for Al and Jean to be the hosts, Jean wanted to outdo all the others. She decided to have...
1-5 of 5 Results