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  1. Oak Computer Desk

    When we were at the ranch in Wyoming, we measured and found out that our big desk wouldn't fit anywhere. I got home and quickly designed and built this one from what I had in the shop. It is all solid Red Oak. The top is 24×40 and the legs are 30 inches tall. I added an inch because I seem to...
  2. Memory Box

    This is a fairly simple Keep sake \ memory box for my 1 year old son. Again at my wife's request. It is made with box joints (hand cut) and is Black Walnut with an amber Shellac finish
  3. Mother's Day gift

    These are the first bandsaw boxes I made. One for my mother, the other for my wife's grandmother-for her 90th bday. Cherry, interior flocked with Suede-Tex. Amber shellac and paste wax.
  4. Acoustic Guitar Display Case

    I made this cabinet to display a friend's autographed acoustic guitar. I also have a free plan on my website for those who are interested. The finish is amber shellac. Here's a fun short video covering the build.
  5. Crosscut Sled with Adjustable Dado Feature

    I made this crosscut sled from plans I found in Shop Notes magazine. I've seen some projects posted for the same or a slightly modified design. I'd have to say that this is easily my favorite shop jig. The adjustable dado feature is incredibly helpful and, in my opinion, puts this design a...
  6. Blogs
    Charles Neil Answers! I recalled how Charles Neil has stated that he "always" places finish on both sides of a board. That statement was very profound so I felt compelled to ask him if I should finish the inside of my blanket chest. Can't hurt to ask, right? I wrote him late last night. He...
  7. Finishing
    Sorry to those who have already seen this in my blog. I should have posted here from the beginning as this is the finishing forum. In my opinion this is the best and easiest way to finish pine projects. This isn't the greatest demonstration but hopefully I was able to show how easy it is to...
1-8 of 8 Results