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  1. Almonds presentation bowl out of almond wood

    a bowl for presenting almonds (or peanuts, walnuts etc.) made out of almond wood and legs of solid steel
  2. Knife Handle

    Svord is a New Zealand knife maker and their new Peasant Knife is a simple and beautiful thing but comes with a plastic handle in its cheapest form. I wanted the wood version but didn't want to pay extra for someone else to have the fun to make the handle ( actually they cheat and their handles...
  3. US Customs Plaque

    My son graduates soon as a US Customs agent and I prepared this plaque for him.
  4. Greene & Greene Style Side Table

    I've finally finished my first furniture project. It's a side table I've built for my wife for our five year anniversary. She seemed happy, so I am too. I've learned a lot in this process- especially how to hide mistakes. There are a few gaps in the joints, but so far no one has noticed. The...
  5. Fancy Wood Cane #045A: Figured Knotted Almond

    This is my entry for "A Knot Like No Other". It is made from a piece of figured almond that had a large elongated knot smack in the center of the board and it angled down in the piece of wood so that if I wanted to make the handle and shaft of one solid piece, the handle was not going to lay at...
  6. this is what happens when you ask a woodworker to make something simple

    latest carving I just finished for my sister in law, she asked me to make something that can go on her wall to be used as a door bumper since there was already a hole in the wall where the doorknob was hitting. Since my sister in law owns a few snakes and I believe still breeds them (if not she...
  7. Growth ruler #5, first intarsia attempt

    Another growth chart done for a friend, she wanted something farm/country themed so I picked up a nice aromatic cedar board. I decided I would try an intarsia, since it was my first try I searched high and low until I found one I wanted to try, I borrowed a image from Linda Couture (give credit...
  8. Dragonfly Celtic love spoon

    This is a Celtic love spoon I made for my sister in law out of a piece of almond wood for Christmas. She has a dragonfly collection so I scoured google images until I found a image I liked, marched out to the firewood pile, grabbed a piece of firewood and got started. Added a "J" for Jamie...
  9. e-Smoking docking station out of almond wood

    This e-Smoke Docking station was build out of rough lumber that I got from a friends garden. The almond tree was cut vertical while still standing. As a thank you, I made this item out of one piece of it. It was natural dried for a year. of course there's a "making off" video:
  10. An occasional tabel out of almond, drum parts and reclaimed pine and oak

    I had this box full of drum-kit parts in the attic for years, it was never opened after our move to Portugal. Time for some recycling or better up-cycling! An off-cut piece of almond slap was used to make the top of this occasional table. Reclaimed pine and oak was used for the drawer. Drum-kit...
  11. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Looking for a quote for 1,000 6" x 9" cutting boards made from almond wood. I understand almond wood is not typically the preferred wood for such a project. Working on a promotional piece for a large almond distributor and they WANT almond wood. Can anyone help me find a source?
  12. Blogs
    Milling the Almond tree Hi All, First, a picture: From 230809 milling almond At first I was not sure that milling this was worth my while. However, the good LJ's here pointed me in the right direction and so I found myself loading the mill on the trailer on Sunday morning heading toward my...
  13. Wood & Lumber
    Howdy Folks, A friend of mine a work buys Almond wood by the cord for fire wood. He's stated many times how hard the wood is. It got me wonder if it any good for say turning? I plan to ask him for a piece just to mess around with. Have any of you worked with Almond wood? Thanks in advance… Ken
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am relatively new at wood working and have a couple little projects under my belt. So I recently built a box and put slots on the sides to hold the bottom in. I ended up building a jig and making multiple passes with a skil saw at slightly different distances from the edge to cut the slot...
  15. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello I'm new to this site, but I have been looking for some plans for a Military retirement shadow box. My father is a retired Marine who passed in 07 and I would like to make a shadow box for my mom. What I'm looking for is plans for a shadow box that holds a 3×5 flag in the corner. Thanks...
  16. Joinery
    So i'm at work and i have been working on this wooden box i do all the finishing work and everything is looking great. I leave for the weekend and we have a stupid amount of rain and when i come back in i notice that one end of the top is bowed up. Anyway to fix this or to keep this into acount...
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi All, I have an opportunity to mill a pretty big Almond tree. To my surprise I couldn't find anything about it as timber (other than some rare references to turning). Anyone knows anything about it? It is not a true nut, BTW. Thanks!
1-17 of 17 Results