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  1. Projects Alley of oaks

    Planted an alley of Caucasian oak, 2022. 36 pieces
  2. Bowling Alley top side tables

    Friends of mine have a dining room table made out of a bowling alley and asked me to make some side tables for them. They liked the mission style, so I made the bases of ash in that style. These are made with dominoes The tops are from a bowling alley floor. If you ever have the opportunity to...
  3. The Alley Workbench

    After a long day of cleaning and reorganizing the work space, I was able to fit my tool cabinet above my workbench, and setup a decent work area. although this workbench is not 100% complete (some details that needs to be finalized), it is in functional state, and I consider it a finished...
  4. Only Maple.....almost - Part 2

    Thanks to Steve (SPalm) for the design inspiration - you're the man! I couldn't get the project card widget thing to work for the link, sorry Steve….. These are a continuation of some living room furniture that was posted 4 years ago: As you can see I'm...
  5. Blogs
    Recovering the Lumber - or - how I leant to love bowling alley flooring OK, so now that the kitchen challenge is all over, I guess it's a good time to post a blog regarding kitchen items … or… hold on… um - oops. too late. Oh well, I guess I'll blog this anyways. So, the plan is to make a...
1-6 of 6 Results