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  1. elbow macaroni turning

    second attempt at posting macaroni turning. I posted this turning a few weeks ago and it got deleted, I know its not made from wood(I did use wood glue-does that count?)but I was hoping the administrators at this site had a sense of humor.
  2. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    First post! Hello everyone. I have recently become interested in woodworking and signed up for a fine woodworking class for the fall. I have bought some beautiful pieces of different hardwoods to play with, and a pretty nice set of hand tools, which I am really excited to learn how to better...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    what are your experiences re: allergic reactions to wood? - types of wood, physical signs of allergies, prevention and treatment, etc. (also add links to helpful blogs etc that are related to the topic) Gateway to all Tips & Tricks Topics
  4. Blogs
    Aches, pains and pallet wood, oh my! Following its recent successful creation, I opted to give Franken-Rack free rein to terrorize the domain. It was my hope that it would bring home the finest lumber in all the land. Instead, it brought me pallet and crate wood. Several times I have berated...
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  5. Blogs
    Importance of dust collection. As we all seem to be using a wider variety of different wood types, I have been searching for information regarding potential problems resulting from exposure to unfamiliar wood. During my search, I found a fairly extensive list of cautions related to different...
1-5 of 5 Results