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  1. Thin-Strip Jig & Alignment Gauge Combo Prototype

    Peeling back the onion another layer. To build my taper jig, I needed to cut a runner to fit in the miter track and guide the taper jig. I started to pull out my thin-strip jig that I made some time ago but decided that I should first install the PALS Contractor Saw Alignment System and align...
  2. Drum Sander/Thickness Sander

    Here's the video series for my drum sander. I've been using it for a few months now and am very happy with the results. The only thing I'd add following on from the videos is the choice of paper is critical if you want accuracy. The Abranet Max I was using stretched, making it loose at one end...
  3. Trio of Bandsaw Boxes

    I threw these together a few weeks ago using some scrap lumber and plywood I had lying around the shop. The focus was to create some different shapes and play around with the bandsaw. Tung oil and paste wax was used for the finish.
  4. Flush trim saw

    I needed a flush trim saw for my dowels. 1. I cut of a piece of the saw from a hand miter saw. 2. A piece of aok and shaped it. 3. Drill holes in the saw and attach it to the piece of oak. 4. The saw in use. It works pretty well. 5. And the results. Houtje
  5. Leopardwood Pen with CA Finish

    This is a leopardwood pen finished using my CA method. This is the pen that was made during the video that I showed on my youtube video. My photo doesnt how how shiny this baby really is…I didnt have the time to set up the correct lighting and tripod for this...
  6. Always Five O'Clock Bar Clock

    The ideal clock for your home bar. It's made from red oak, birch plywood, and pre-cut craft numbers. The Video
  7. Nerf Armory

    My 4 year son is into Nerf Guns. I get ambushed at least once a day it seems. Thanks to his grandparents and other family, he's acquired many of them. There are few surfaces in my home that don't have a bullet on it from time to time. The prior arrangement was that he tossed into the floor...
  8. Latest pens with their brand display

    Just finished this today…the pens in order are: walnut, lacewood, curly spalted maple, curly oak, cherry, quilted maple. I have been wanting to make something to display the pens in, and saw something similar to this at a fair. It is a very easy build. All it consists of is a block of...
  9. Alignment jig

    I've been getting' jiggy so to speak. Cross cut sled, ripping sled, and now this alignment jig. I got a little (very little) creative by cutting slots in the ends of the track and inserting some screws into the slot end wise to splay the ends and tighten the fit in the slot. Works pretty well.
  10. Ceiling light

    This is a light i made for my kitchen. The stain glass window was also done by me.
  11. Ms. Wittig's Master Bath Makeover

    The Wittig Project The cabinets are painted alder with a glaze stain and 2 coats of poly. When we reframed for the recessed medicine cabinets we found a wood pecker's nest in the wall! It completely changed the room when we removed the existing closet and the 36" shower...
  12. First Dye Job

    Well here is my first attempt at dyeing. It is Figured Maple and I used the liquid Ritz dye. I put on a coat and it raised the grain. I let it dry and then took 4oo paper to it, cleaned with alcohol and then re-applyed the dye, same thing 4 times then took some 600 and 1500 grit to it and the...
  13. Resaw Bandsaw renovation

    A couple of friends of mine gave me some "mini logs" when they cut down a back yard pear tree and a redwood. I wanted to turn these into lumber but it just seemed too difficult and dangerous to do on my old stock Hitachi Resaw Bandsaw. After a lot of head scratching, I came up with the idea to...
  14. U.S. Flag

    Nothing better to do on a couple of furlough days than to show my love for country. I have several pallets laying around from a prior project (raised bed garden) so I got to pulling them apart and selecting some of the better material for this project. I simply ran the board across the table...
  15. Wooden Jewelry (cuff links pendant)

    I was inspired to give making some jewelry a shot. Small work is definitely not my usual forte so I had a number of items scrapped at the bench before getting to a final ones I was happy with. It was nice to put a bunch of exotic scraps to use though and have basically instant gratification...

  17. Safety Glasses/Ear Defender Rack

    As some of you know from this thread on LJs I have a new job and I am trying to encourage the users of the machine shop to wear eye and ear protection. Anyway, to make it as easy as possible to pick up these items, I have made 2 of these racks, one for each side of the shop. It is simply some...
  18. second bandsaw box

    This box was for my daughter. I made this one from the same wood my friend brought me from a building site they were clearing off. It is red cedar and I let my daughter pick out the pull. I got the inside flocked last night and took the pictures today. I finished this with spray lacquer. As...
  19. Metal Sculpture Frame

    The frame is made of poplar. I used black lacquer overall and red lacquer for pin striping on the sides. It is an accent that really looks good when viewing it in person. The whole thing was clear coated with Sherwin Williams T77 F57 clear precat lacquer. The over all size is 44" wide by 66"...
  20. Over Under Shotgun Pen

    This was a fun project Made from African Blackwood and Ebony. Sold it to a guy at work for $55.00. Then sold another one by showing it around work. Now I just need to make myself one.
1-20 of 97 Results