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  1. Cherry, Maple and Alder serving Box

    I made this box for my Father for fathers day, he is always having barbecue's for my family, and his table outside was always full, so i thought i could house the paper plates inside a box so they would not blow away and make more storage above them. Then I had the idea to add the steak knives...
  2. Restoration of the desk

    Hello. Today I want to share my new project. The customer asked me to restore the table. That's what I finally got.
  3. Second Butcher Block Island

    I don't have a picture of the completed stand with the butcher Blocks, but they are shown in the pictures. They are being oiled by the customer while I finished the stand. The stand was made with Alder and Sapele with veneer covering the shelves (the veneer I had on hand was several varieties...
  4. First Bandsaw boxes

    I picked up the Drunken Woodworker bandsaw box book on a whim at Woodcraft several months ago. I had glued up a bunch of blanks but hadn't done anything with them yet. I finally got around to making some bandsaw boxes out of the blanks. I made a few mistakes along the way, mostly involving...
  5. Snath, sneith, snaith, snead, sneath, sned, snathe,... scythe handle!

    Seems that this highly traditional item is known by many names… There is an area on my parents in law's farm popularly called "Ekekullen" (oak hill). It lies between their house and a creek and has long been kept with a scythe to keep open. Traditionally grass was harvested for the farm animals...
  6. Fun projects

    Two projects to try something different and to use fall offs. The large chip and dip bowl was made using a CMT router bit and extension. The wood is Alder and the finish is Waterlox. The cutting board was made from the fall offs of the chip bowl and then trimmed with Red Oak and finished with...
  7. Bagel Cutter

    I made this bagel cutter one weekend from walnut and alder… just for fun. Watch the video it will give you all the details.
  8. Rustic Bathroom Cabinets

    Most of you have seen these in my blog, but I figured it was time to make them an official project. Three piece collection including a vanity, window wall, and medicine cabinet using distressed alder, willow twigs, pine logs, and maple carvings. The vanity has a twig magazine holder built into...
  9. Router bowls

    All of these bowls were made using a router, bandsaw, drill press and sander. Some of the wood was recovered from downed trees from a local forest fire. Small projects squeezed in around work and home. Picture 2 - 7" x 2 ½" Redwood with wipe on poly Picture 3 - 2 ½" x 5" Alder (stacked fall...
  10. Bandsawbox

    Hi, long time since last time. A birthday present. A band saw box!
  11. gun made of wood, stand for champagne

    here you will see the product manufacturing process
  12. ZigZag

    Segmented piece … black walnut, alder, and hard maple. 7-inches tall, 6-inches in diameter.
  13. Another Alder Hood

    This is another Alder hood with black raised panels similiar to another I did a while back. This hood is only 3 sided instead of 4 and hangs on the wall over the range. This hood measuers about 24" deep X 52" wide and is a little over 6' tall. The trim was all laid out first so we could get the...
  14. TV Cart

    I was commissioned to make a media cart for a daycare provider. The requirements were, It must hold a 19 inch tv, a DVD/VCR, must have room for movie storage and it must roll away. This is what I came up with. The wood is Alder and it's finished with spar varnish.
  15. Homemade toy for the child

    Hello, friends . Today my little son asked me to make a toy for him. I went to the workshop and performed it. He was very happy.
  16. Stand for photo

    Hello friends. I present to you my new project
  17. Dovetailed Picture Box

    I had an alder board with a big knot in it I've been saving to use for something like a box lid. So this box was designed around from that one piece. The rest of it I kept fairly simple thinking it'd be a good balance to the figured grain around the knot. I sized the box just big enough to...
  18. More waves..

    I think I have wave obsession… now in Finnish holy place! Wood is alder which we saw in june, stove is without stones because it was easier to move without them
  19. compound curve

    round window round wall turrets usually
  20. corner cabinet with alder

    Friends I present to you my new project is finished, the link Videos
1-20 of 500 Results