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  1. 2 for the high school sports auction

    I was asked to help a good friend make these 2 pens for a great family in the neighborhood. A couple of their boys play high school sports and these are for the baseball team dinner & auction. Its this Saturday in West Jordan UT 1/15/14. Both pens are Chrome Zen pen kits with great rollerball...
  2. Office/Computer Wall Cabinet

    This is a good challenge for you engineering types. I put an 8'x8' office in the corner of my workshop, really no bigger than a cubicle. Most people call it a closet, but the audience here understands that the workshop takes priority when it comes to space, even if I am a computer programmer...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    Hi all, I am about to put together a small shop from scratch. It will be with limited space and limited resources due to the geographical area I am in. I will rout my dust collection pipes mainly under the floor and I only have a choice between 4" and 6" pipes available. My question to the LJ...
1-3 of 3 Results