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  1. Aircraft Wheel Chocks...challenge coin holder

    Here's what a little time to waste, no specific project to work on, and a pile of scraps to either make something with or burn in the fireplace….. I need to put them away, everyone who sees them wants to talk about how neat they are and has become very distracting to get any work done…ha. For...
  2. Aircraft Stick Grip Plaque

    Made this one out of mahogany. Wings were carved with a Carvewright and painted. Fairly simple one but still pretty cool. I used a french cleat to hang it.
  3. US Navy EA-18 Growler

    The wood shop smells of red wine after cutting up old wine barrel staves. I love to repurpose old wood and enjoy creating something totally new. This Growler is 27 inches long and 22 inches wide. I left rough instead of putting a clear coat on so I can smell the wine. My NY's plan is to start...
  4. F-18 plaque

    F-18 silhouette plaque. This one was about 30" tall
  5. Latest Gunstock

    This is my latest commission piece.
  6. Grandpa, I need an aircraft carrier

    Another project made of scraps of pine and hem/fir. Notice the correction in the drawings and spes; tanks can't fly or swim, so Robby had to go back to the drawing board. Rather than issue a whole new set of drawings, he modified the old one. I have had this happen many times in my career, so...
  7. V-22 Osprey plaques

    V-22 Osprey plaques I made for Marines getting out.
  8. MV-22 Osprey Plaque

    MV-22 Osprey plaque along with pilot wings.
  9. V-22/Combat Aircrew Wings

    V-22 Plaque with Combat Aircrew Wings.
  10. 1/8 Scale Bell 429 Helicopter

    After almost 10 months and 500 hours of work, this 1/8 scale Bell 429 model is finally complete! Last May I began drafting the plans for this model using both measurements from the real helicopter and many pictures from the internet. At first I designed it to be to scale with my previous...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I'm getting a LOT FED UP with some guys on here making fun of the Canadian Armed Forces! This is Highly Classified but I got it through a Friend. It's the Royal Canadian Air Force's New Stealth Fighter!! So There!!! Beat That!! Captain Rick
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I have a Soft Spot for Aircraft. I built Hundreds of Flying Models Many Years Ago! SO! Why Not! Regards: Wicky …. I mean Richard! (Rick is Good.)
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This is one of those Once In A Lifetime Experiences. I get all "Happied Up" again, just thinking about it. This is one Beautiful Aircraft and easy to fly ….. well, for my short time it was. Apparently the Pilots that flew them during WW2 Loved this airplane! Any Retired Bomber Pilots...
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    See the owner, a young lady, make wooden aircraft props
  15. Wood & Lumber
    New here and so far enjoy the site and the wealth of information.Was wondering if anyone has done anything with old pallets? I get a bunch from where i work and have taken several apart and saved the boards.These are good boards and a lot are oak and very hard.Just wanting to see if anyone out...
1-15 of 15 Results