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  1. The Buck Stops Here.....USS Harry S Truman

    Onboard USS Harry S Truman, we routinely quote "The Buck Stops Here". I was asked to make something simple that has a little meaning to the ship. This is my interpretation of the sign that President Truman had on his desk. I made 21 total. I used ambrosia maple and sapele.
  2. Aircraft Carrier Coin Display in Teak

    Well, my customer was adamant that they wanted their 40" x 10" Aircraft Carrier coin display made of Teak. $160 for the wood alone. Fortunately I had a long lead time so I could go really slow and make sure I didn't make any costly errors. He is picking it up tomorrow!
  3. Aircraft Carrier Shadow Box

    Mahogany Carrier Shadow Box. Made for a First Class Petty Officer retiring after 20 years of service in the Navy. Used clear poly, and some red mahogany finish.
  4. Aircraft Carrier Shadow Box

    6 June 2019 - Posted a picture of the complete box with all the Geedunk inside. My shipmate and friend is retiring from the US Navy in June after 35 years of service. We served together on the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71). He was the Flight Deck Office and I was the Air Bos'n. He asked me...
  5. Challenge Coin Display

    Just off the production line…..this one is made of oak, stained in special walnut.
  6. Small Crate, pine

    I had a contract to build a shipping crate for the Long Range Lineup System off the USS Enterprise (CVN-65). When I arrived on site I found that part of the system had already been shipped so they didn't need as large a crate as originally requested. So I did a quick (about 10 minute) SketchUp...
  7. Aircraft Carrier and F-18 Challenge Coin Display

    I normally don't see my projects after they depart the wood shop so thought I would post this one since the recipient was kind enough to send some "after" pictures. This one had a little twist…..triangle challenge coins for the horizontal stabs.
  8. Hand carved "Ammo Style" Chest

    Hand carved and burnt. The Aircraft Carrier and plane are off to the side to allow room for mounting plaques or certificates.
  9. Aircraft Carrier Challenge Coin Display

    A variation of the Aircraft Carrier challenge coin display inspired by photo's on here and elsewhere on the internet. This one is made from walnut and is 30" long by 10" wide. I have another order for one similar that will be made of Teak and 40" x 10". I'll be nervous with the pricing on...
  10. US Navy on rough sea automaton

    USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier with F/A-18 planes and H-60 Seahawk helicopter
  11. USS Harry S Truman Battle Flag Display

    This is a small shadow box displaying the USS Harry S Truman's battle flag. Give'Em Hell came from Truman's 1948 campaign speech. The wood of choice is Sapele and finished in General Finish Arm-R-Seal.
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am in the process of setting up my shop in the home we just purchased. I need to run wiring for all my equipment as the basement has only 2 outlets at the opposite end from where I will be having my shop. Since I am having to run new wiring I am planning on changing my ridgid table saw and...
1-12 of 12 Results