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  1. Rifle Stock (Reshape and Refinish)

    Hey folks! One of my other hobbies, other than woodworking, is shooting airguns. Yes, a grown man shooting BB guns in his backyard! ;) Once I got into the world of higher end adult airguns, I realized that there are some pretty high quality equipment out there, not just the stuff that is...
  2. R9 Furniture

    Whew! I'm glad this one is done! I have been on and off with this project for quite some time. Years in fact! I made this for a fellow airgunning friend. It is black walnut, with ebony and quarter sawn sycamore for the grip cap. I did the inletting with the router, drill press, x-y vise...
  3. Nail Gun Storage Cabinet

    I wanted a way to store my air guns so that they would be off of the floor and out of all of those bulky plastic storage containers. This storage cabinet is based on a photo from Wood Magazine's "America's Best Home Workshops 2013" (page 20). The cabinet is made from scraps of oak and birch...
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Can anybody confirm another issue with LJ's ? This is the Daily Top 3. No new entries in three days.
1-4 of 4 Results