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  1. Air Force retirement trunk

    I finished this retirement trunk for a Command Master Sergeant in the Air Force a while back but it was just presented recently. The customer wanted it to be able to hold his bugle yet still be able to remove it easily for use. This presented a bit of a challenge since all I had to go off of...
  2. Plaque

    This plaque was made for a retiring brigadier general for the marines 238th birthday. Over 150 hours of work!!! Walnut, yellow heart and bloodwood.
  3. Kids Air Force Symbol

    I made 3 of these for our boys for a retirement gift from their mother.
  4. Marine Lance Corporal Shadowbox

    This shadowbox was for a Lance Corporal that lost his arms in Vietnam. Unfortunatly his career in the military was cut short. When I get the insides for it and fill this display, I'll add more pictures. This case is built out of solid Oak, it proudly displays a 3'x5' US flag. Thanks for...
  5. First Air Force Symbol Shadow Box

    Well, this was definitely a learning experience. I did everything the hardest way possible, but I got it done. I figured out that it is a really bad idea to cut out EACH and EVERY piece individually and get good joints. I would do it completely differently if I had to do it again. The...
  6. Flight Equipment Plaque

    Just finished making this plaque for a retiring Flight Equipment technician who went on to become the State Command Chief for the CT Air National Guard. I cut the helmet in half freehanding it on a table saw. I couldn't find my laser level to put a straight line across it to mark it for...
  7. R-11 Fuel Truck Shadow Box

    I was asked by a coworker to build a fuel truck shadow box for his retirement. I based this off the previous trucks that I have built. It was definitely a skill building project but I am pretty pleased with how it came out.
  8. U.S. Air Force Retirement Present

    My sister retired from the Air Force and I made this table for her using mostly old items that she wore throughout her career. I was able to present the table to her during her retirement ceremony at Lackland AFB.
  9. Spanky's Shadow Box

    This is a shadow box for a retirement of my commander after 28 years of service. It took about 1.5 months to build from design to completion. it is finished with Semi-gloss Poly over cherry stain on Red Oak. Blue velvet backing over cork board to hold the medals and patches.
  10. C-130 Shadowbox

    Here is a C-130 Shadowbox I was asked to build for a buddy of mine who just retired. It's solid oak with Walnut windows and nose dome. The props are designed so that when it's hanging on the wall, they will be small shelves that he can display more military items on. The wings are about 43"W...
  11. Master's Shadowbox

    Custom shadowbox for a retiring USAF master sergeant. Dimensioned to mirror real MSgt rank. Front is on hinges with a hexagon box in the back assembled with walnut splines. Front is assembled using routed mortises. Made mostly from cherry with turned burmese blackwood for the center of the star...
  12. Hap Arnold Wings

    A set of Hap Arnold wings I made during my most recent deployment to Afghanistan, for our short lived C-27 unit schlepping the army around the country. Made with/from: 1) Spray paint given to me by the ammo dump guys in exchange for some movies 2) A jigsaw borrowed for a few weeks from the...
  13. Deployed Sound System

    During one of my deployments I worked with an army loadmaster who had bought a really pricey Bose sound system for his iPod so that the crew could listen to some tunes while they were doing their preflights and postflights in the aircraft. But he had a busted ill fitting plastic container to...
  14. CMSAF Retirement Coffee Table 2

    Once again I was contracted by the office of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (in the Pentagon) to build a retirement coffee table for Retired CMSAF James Cody. He wanted his made of solid Mahogany and Cherry ONLY and stained black. One end got his office seal a little different than...
  15. Command Pilot Wings Shadowbox

    Here is an Air Force Command Pilot Wing functional badge retirement shadowbox I was asked to build by a memeber at the Pentagon. From what I could tell from searching the internet, no one else has done one yet. I used the Intarsia Art form on the wreath and wings. After using my scroll saw to...
  16. Air Force Civil Engineering Functional Badge

    This is the Senior funcition badge worn by the Air Force Civil Engineering group. I was asked to build this for a special project I'm working on for the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF). It's in the Intarsia art form, made of solid Oak. More pictures to come as the project...
  17. Something for me

    This was an emotional project like no other because it was for me. I chose to use Hickory and Walnut because of the "live" look of Hickory with two coats of Minwax natural stain. I "enlisted" a couple of my younger troops to complete the task as I was not supposed to work on my own project(but...
  18. Air Force Symbol Shadow Box

    Here is the Air Force Symbol as a Retirement Shadowbox. I've been asked to build this design using many different materials. It holds a full size 3'x5' flag. These are different versions that I've been asked to build. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!
  19. Army Air Corp Shadow Box

    This was order from a gentlemen who wanted to have his retired fathers Army Air Corps accouterments displayed in something other than a picture frame. Thanks for looking. Enjoy! If you have any questions about this design or any of my displays, please feel free to e-mail me!
  20. CMSAF Seal

    This is what I would consider to be "Extreme Scroll Saw" Intarsia work! This is the most intense piece I've done yet! It's made from Oak, Walnut, American Holly, Aspen, Mahogany, and Hickory. The back board is 1/4" Birch plywood. Every piece was cut on the scroll saw and hand sanded. The...
1-20 of 94 Results